Top 5 Insanely Cool Gadgets That Will Sell Out This Year Announced By DotCom Magazine

We are always keen to keep our eyes peeled and ears to the ground when it comes to new gadget releases. With that in mind then, we are excited to share with you some of the most insane and cool gadgets that are going to sell out this year. Weíve managed to whittle down a large list of interesting tech and gizmos to just our favorite five. We hope you enjoy, but if you are interested in these, get them as soon as you can, because before long you might not be able to.

CircaCharge Charger

If you are like a lot of people and donít always upgrade your phone every single year, you may appreciate the CircaCharge phone charger. If youíve ever spent all night charging your phone to find that the battery drains in a few hours, this is the perfect solution.


The Dodow is a cutting-edge sleeping aid that retrains your brain so you can have better and more effective sleeps at night. You place at your nightstand or beside your bed somewhere and it projects a special rhythmic light that has been set to flash at just the right speed to stimulate sleep. When you concentrate on the light, your mind clears and your breathing slows right down, relaxing your body and helping you drift off.

Peeps Carbon Technology

As any glasses wearer will know, there is nothing much worse than having to deal with streaks, dirty marks and even eventually scratches when you are trying to wipe your glasses clean. One great solution comes in the form of Peeps, using similar NASA-originated tech that is used on the International Space Station. It utilizes a cleaning compound made from carbon that will remove just about everything from facial oils and dust to annoying fingerprint smudges.


Car repairs can be a very costly affair. Especially when you donít know what is wrong and mechanics are must looking to rip you off. Thatís why having a gadget like FIXD is the perfect solution. Rather than always running to the garage and not knowing whether they are telling the truth or not, you can simply check this handy gizmo that plugs directly into your car and gives you information, in easy-to-understand language what is wrong, if anything.

KeySmart Pro Using Tile Smart Location

KeySmart Pro in combination with Tile Smart Location is one of the most powerful key organizer tools on the market. This is a great way to carry your keys and keep them organized. It also can be used to keep track of where your smartphone is, if in the event of misplacing it. You just need to press on the Tile button, and it will make your smartphone ring, even if it happens to be on silent mode, which if you are like us, is always the case when we leave our phones somewhere and canít remember where.