Top 5 Trending Products to Sell in 2019 Announced By DotCom Magazine

As anyone who knows anything about ecommerce will tell you, if you want to be a success, you need to have in-demand products that make you money, that drive for success and the necessary skills to market your products effectively. What if you are having trouble deciding on a product to invest in? Have no fear, DotCom Magazine is here to help you. In the following post we will highlight five of the top trending products for the coming year.


In terms of fashion, trends are always changing and evolving. One area of fashion that seems to be holding steady though is athleisure. That is why for the last few years it has remained one of the most profitable and popular types of fashion clothing that you should consider investing in. Athleisure is sporting-influenced and themed clothing that, rather than being worn for directly athletic activities such as attending the gym, cycling or running, is worn for normal day to day pursuits, and includes the likes of headbands, capris, tank tops, sports bras, leggings, sweatshirts and sweat pants.

Car Accessories

As the vehicles we drive become more and more digitalized, there has been an increasing demand for all forms of digital accessories for automobiles. Accessories like car projectors showcasing battery voltage, water temperature, engine speed and so much more. This helps avoid car accidents by enabling drivers to keep looking straight ahead rather than constantly looking to the dashboard computer screen.
These kinds of products are impulse buys, so it is best to market them on Instagram, Facebook and other visual platforms.


Over the last few years, shapewear has been shifting in the marketplace to become something of an evergreen niche. People, women, are always looking for ways to get around fluctuating weight so that they can wear what they really like. Bodysuits are one form of shapewear, for instance, that create an attractive silhouette, but there are various other types too. While some target the whole body, others focus on specific parts.

Traveling Accessories

The digital nomad lifestyle continues to become more and more popular and as such, people are travelling the world more. Thatís part of why travel accessories like scratch-off world maps, where you can scratch with a coin or nail the areas of countries youíve visited to have an interesting visual display of where you have been to and where you have yet to visit.


There are something in the region of 1.2-billiopn watches sold around the world every single year. That number shows no signs of dropping any time soon. While 2018 saw an increase in the popularity of more minimalist watches, 2019 is predicted to be a big year for smartwatches. December is the month where there is a peak in watch sales. Although you will be able to market them throughout the year, it is a good idea to have at least one or two models marketed towards the summer time.