Top Five Companies Leading the Way Announced By DotCom Magazine

For the latest blog post we are going to look at five businesses that have not only impressed us here at DotCom Magazine with their products or services and the ingenuity, but because they are leading the way. It is hard enough keeping up with the rest of the marketplace, but to stand out against the sea of other rival companies takes even more work and dedication. So, check out the five companies we think are really leading the way in 2019.

Clean Energy Solutions

Clean Energy Solutions understand that no two houses are the same, in a similar sense to no two human beings being the same. Therefore, no two homes have the same energy needs. While most solar energy companies aim to fit their customers into their cookie-cutter energy solutions, they do things differently. They look at your energy usage patterns and energy consumption and assess what future energy usage will be for your property and any changes that might occur to develop a fully customized solar energy package that optimizes in terms of performance and value.


Peloton is an interesting business that was created to provide people who did not feel as if they had time to attend a cycle spin class at their local gym, but whose workouts at home suffered because they didnít have the team aspect of a class environment. So, the idea was to design a high-class cycling experience that would have the feel of a class from the comfort of your own home. It was founded in Silicon Alley in 2012 and has gained traction in that time.


Dave Batstone is the mastermind behind Not for Sale and co-founded REBBL. The idea was to bring together international thought-leaders located at the Montara Circle with the plan to devise a sustainable and innovative business solution to the issue of human trafficking affecting Peru. At that meeting were a baseball player, agronomist and many investors. The idea they came up with was creating a drink that used ingredients native to the area to provide a sustainable and dignified means of life for those communities affected and to reduce the chance of exploitation and trafficking.


Squadhelp is a leader of its kind and provides a combination of agency-level, AI and crowdsourced name validation features. It is essentially a very collaborative platform for businesses and companies to get help with naming from experts in that area of business. Whether its startups in their earliest stages or some of the biggest Fortune 500 corporations in the world, over 18,000 companies have been helped by the platform.


Greenspire is an LA-based are a company that understands the need for homes being environmentally friendly and for saving money. Thatís why the startup transforms homes into greener properties. These businesses provide solar panel installation, installs the insulation and redesigns water systems in order to reduce waste. They specialize in smart home development that limits the use of power and setup home security systems.