Top Five Companies that Might be the Next Billion Dollar Company Announced By DotCom Magazine

Next Billion Dollar Company
Next Billion Dollar Company

Startups dont often become billion-dollar investments. It is so rare in fact that they are often referred to as unicorns. Many startups often never amount to very much, or at least, never reach those numbers. However, unperturbed, DotCom Magazine investigated five of the top startups out there that could soon become the next billion-dollar company.


Latin American, Indian and Chinese shoppers will be buying smartphones that are powered by Cyanogen. It is an operating system for mobiles that is giving Apples own iOS and Googles Android a run for its money. The numbers are already looking very promising with around 50 million people already making use of it. Obviously relishing in the challenge, the owners and designers behind the operating system have stated that they see it as putting a bullet into Googles head.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is a subscription meal service with a difference. It provides its subscribers with a big attractive blue box at their doorstep that contains ingredients that have been measured out properly and beautiful professional recipe cards. When it arrives, it means that dinner is sorted. The company was started when the owner of a catering company, who is a cook, a technology expert and a fresh-faced venture investor wanted to ship recipes and the freshest ingredients out to people for a great price. The company has now expanded to shipping out over two million meals every month across the country.


Once upon a time Ale Resnik, the owner and founder of Beepi, bought a used Jeep Liberty that went on fire and he couldnt give it back and get a refund. It was this nasty experience that made him investigate ways to improve the experience of buying used cars. In the last year or so, it experienced a revenue growth and was taking in $60 million and is still predicted to become more lucrative. There are now over 200 locations operation across six US states.


Al Goldstein, the founder of Avant along with two other founders that started as interns, took the business to dizzy heights by increasing its revenue by 97%. That was in 2014, when it took in around $75 million. During 2019, that revenue is expected by the company to triple. As if those numbers werent intriguing enough, there is also the fact that it has almost 200,000 customers and is planning to grow and spread abroad over the next few months during 2019.


Affirmed is one of the up-and-coming firms that are predicted to help digitize the mobile networks of Transatel, ElephantTalk, LG Uplus and AT&T. Over the course of 2018 it is thought to have generated around $20 million in profit. It currently has another group of 40 clients making use of their services as part of a trial basis. We need to watch this space to see how accurate the predictions about Affirmed will be though the signs seem to suggest they will.