The Top 12 Must Have Event Planning Skills You Need to Succeed According To DotCom Magazine

Must-have event planning skills you need to succeed

Companies do events all the time. DotCom Magazine wanted to know about the people that plan those events, so we asked an expert. Working as an event planner requires someone to truly love their profession and have a lot of passion for being in this industry as it can be a rather demanding one. In order for someone to succeed, they will need not only determination but also a set of skills to accompany them in their journey.

If you’re thinking of making a career change and giving this niche a try, you will come to find that working as an event planner will require you to have a certain set of skills. If you wish to know how to be a good event planner, here are some of the most important skills you never to develop in order to succeed in this industry. Andy Jacob, CEO of The Jacob Group, says, ” I have been to a lot of entrepreneurial events and conferences, and the  ones that are planned the best in terms of thinking about how best to serve the guests are the ones that I remember the most.

  1. An understanding of different types of events

First and foremost, becoming a great event planner will heavily depend on how well you understand the part you have to play in each event you work on planning. This will heavily depend on how well you understand the concept of an event, so you are able to work on the specific details needed to make the event a success.

From simple aspects of this such as the venue you need to book and the decorations to more technical details such as the music or the schedule, understanding how to plan an event based on the clients’ vision will help you interpret their ideas better.

  1. The importance of organizational skills

Event planners have so many different things to take into consideration when it comes to putting an event together. No matter how simple an idea might seem to plan, organizational skills are always necessary so you do not forget any key aspects of the event.

These skills are important because you will have to take into consideration different aspects of planning an event such as the deadlines, the schedule the event will follow and the budget the client has set for you as well as any other smaller or bigger details which are always important and must not be dismissed.

  1. An abundance of creativity

Being creative is a must when working as an event planner and as you become more experienced in the field, you will come to find that many challenges you face when planning an event are related to how well you can turn your creative ideas into something real.

Creativity will also allow you to find different ways to interpret your clients’ ideas and make them as close to their vision as possible. This will help you have more satisfied customers and also potentially find new ways to put certain things together in order to save money and time.

  1. Staying under a budget

Budgeting is very important if you wish to keep your clients coming back. While there will be some people who will not assign you with a certain budget, you need to make sure that you have a basic idea of costs and how you can save money while still creating a beautiful outcome.

This will require quite a bit of research from you in order for you to be able to find the best deals which will make your planning affordable yet loyal to your vision. You can even use budgeting apps in order to make your budgeting experience a little easier and less time-consuming.

  1. Good communication skills

Being able to communicate well with the people you work with is important for any profession but especially for event planners. Whether you are talking to your clients or to your own team, you need to make sure that everything you communicate to them is easily understandable and specific, so you avoid any potential mistakes that can take place due to miscommunication.

Good communication skills also have to be present when it comes to communicating with people online. Writing emails and replying to questions has to be done in a way that looks professional so every interaction you have with a current or potential customer works to your advantage.

Different writing tools which provide essay help online can help you proofread and edit your written content so you always appear professional no matter who you are talking to.

  1. Mastering multitasking

If there is one thing event planners need to do in order to succeed, then that is multitasking. While you might think that you can take everything slowly and focus on only one aspect of your project at a time, you will soon come to find that this is usually impossible.

There are so many different factors to take into consideration when it comes to planning a project and you will need to be able to go back and forth between different ideas and obligations in order to plan everything to perfection and avoid making mistakes.

  1. Dedication to completing your projects

When it comes to important event planner skills, being able to complete your projects successfully and on time is very important and crucial to making your business successful.

Oftentimes, some projects you will take up will end up being a lot more demanding than you expected and will require a lot of dedication and patience in order to complete them. “Leaving a project incomplete or giving up on a client will form a bad image of your business and it will make you lose clients very quickly”, advises Jenny Townsend, Social Media Expert and content writing specialist at, a writing services review site.

  1. Essential leadership skills

While some event planners prefer to work alone, those that wish to become successful in the field will inevitably have to expand their business at some point and incorporate more people into their office. Event manager skills are important for anyone in the field as you will always need to come in contact with and work with other people.

Running your own team will require you to be a good leader who will be able to take different ideas into consideration, organize responsibilities and set up deadlines and goals for each employee according to their part on their project.

  1. Paying attention to detail

Being a perfectionist might work in favor of some people in this business. Event planners are expected to go the extra mile for their clients and make sure that even the smallest details are not missing from the event they put together.

Whether you are working on a smaller, private gig or a larger-scale event for a company, you need to be equally careful and prepared to present your clients with detailed plans and detailed outcomes, so their special event will turn out exactly as they envisioned it.

  • Showing adaptability and flexibility

In this field of business, you will need to be prepared for the unexpected as there is always something that can change or go wrong out of the blue. Whether you face any difficulty in the process of planning the event or even on the day of the event or if your client comes up with any last-minute additions, you need to be prepared to act fast, so problem-solving skills are a necessity.

Apart from those problems, you will also need to be able to show flexibility and adaptability in regard to your working hours and conditions. You will often have to leave your working space in order to meet up with clients or look at supplies so you should always be sure to expect to have to move a lot.

  • The ability to network easily

Finding new clients usually heavily depends on the recommendation of other people who have been happy with your services in the past. Being able to network easily and create contacts with various other people and businesses will work to your advantage in more ways than one.

While networking will often require you to meet new people and it can help you not only expand your client base but also get to meet people who can supply you with materials and services needed to make your events even more successful.

  • Dedication towards serving the customers

Last but not least, a skill which is important when working as an event planner is showing dedication towards serving your customers and always being customer-centric in your business. The more you pay attention to the needs and ideas of your clients, the easier it will be for you to excel in this field.

You will need to be able to be respectful of their time and deadlines as well as their ideas and wishes in order for you to be able to form good relationships with them and have them stick around for longer.

Evolving your skills and reaching your dreams

Even if you come to find that you do not have all the skills mentioned in the list currently, you need to remember that hard work and dedication to your work will help you improve and develop new skills which will help you become more successful. The important thing is to love what you do and the more you are ready to work hard and evolve, the easier it will be for you to acquire all of these additional skills.

Which skills do you consider to be the most important for an event planner?