What’s Up With Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs And Ayahuasca?

ayahuasca and silicon valley

What’s Up With Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs And Ayahuasca?

Andy Jacob, CEO of DotCom Magazine has heard stories of Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs traveling abroad to experience Ayahuasca. He was curious, so he reached out to an expert to find out what it is all about.

What Happens During the Ayahuasca Ceremony? An Expert Tells Our Readers:

Ayahuasca ceremonies are meant for healing oneself and learning so that you would better be able to serve. The services are conducted by experienced practitioners called Shamans or locally known as a curandero by the Amazonians.

The process is characterized by life-changing experiences that someone who never anticipated may really struggle to adapt. Or, to be honest, you may incur adverse health effects in later life.

Count yourself lucky because this article outlines all that you may expect in the ceremony and how you are expected to prepare yourself to avoid the consequences. The information is based on the writers own experience, in-depth research about Ayahuasca ceremonies, and other participants’ testimonials.

Before the actual day of the ceremony, there are some preparations that have to be done. These preparations can be categorized as a lifestyle and mental preparations.
Physical/Lifestyle preparations
In lifestyle preparation, the ceremony may require that you live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle at most 4 weeks before you sit with the divine brew. That may mean you stay away from meat products, dairy products, sugary foods, and even salty food. In addition, alcohol, street drugs, and sex are also forbidden.

Such a lifestyle is very vital since it helps clear toxic substances from the body. Such substances may interfere with the pharmacodynamic of the Ayahuasca brew. In addition, it is a way of showing love to animals. That is one way of achieving the higher vibration: feeling the world in its entirety without ego defense. It is always believed that the stress that animals undergo prior to killing translates to the human body once they are consumed.

Mental preparations
On the other hand, mental preparation is equally important. You need to engage in mindfulness activities like meditation and yoga but, most importantly, set a clear intention of your experience. A more specific intention will ensure that you get a clear understanding of whatever you are hoping to learn. You may practice this prior to the ceremony, during the ceremony, as you wait for the effect of the medicine and after the ceremony as well.
The following aspects may help you to focus much better:

Have courage
Fear is low vibration and often contradicts faith. Even if you anticipate frightening visions, you need to shun fear. Divine beings dont have fear, and that is what you are.

Have faith
Another important aspect is faith. Put your faith in Ayahuasca. Just believe that the guide will protect you, and you will find the answer you seek. Having the right attitudes and mindset to drink Ayahuasca will help you have a clear vision of your path. Be confident that God will show you the way and that everything is going to be well.

Be positive and show some love
Last and most important is love. This is spiritual healing, and therefore love is the highest vibration. As you wait for the brew effects, think of the people you love, the things you love to do, places you like to visit, and animals you love. Say thank you to every creation and show appreciation for the miracle of life. In short, just strive to put yourself in the most positive mindset before the effects set in.

The de day
On the day of the ceremony, you are offered a cup of Ayahuasca tea by Shaman to drink. After that, you are taken to a shed where you are expected to meditate in silence. You are likely to end up in strangers because many people come for the ceremony. The effect of the brew usually kicks in about 30 minutes to 1 hour later. Therefore, you have to wait in meditation.

No one is sure how things would go, so anxiety usually sets in. Try as much as possible to shun such feelings. If you are lucky to share the meditation platform with experienced and trusted participants, they may help you get through it.

If you prepare yourself the way we have described, you ready your body and mind in the best possible position to receive the teachings of the divine mother.

The Ayahuasca Experience
This is the main reason someone from the west travels as far as Peru; to have experience with Ayahuasca plants. However, not everyone experience what they anticipated. You have probably heard some people complaining they never had a vision or any form of communication. Why would that happen? It all starts with the preparations we have outlined.

If you dont focus, shun anxiety, or fear, you are likely to end up complaining afterward. Anxiety, fear, or mindset can have a strong effect on what we do, and this interferes with sensation. Therefore, the way you handle yourself during preparation may make a big difference.

As mentioned before, you are likely to start experiencing the effect of the brew half an hour or one hour later. Generally, nausea is the first symptom to set in. Then come stomach discomfort or some bowel movement, and most people end up vomiting.

Throwing up or diarrhea should not be an embarrassment to you, it is part of the healing process. The medicine is merely clearing toxins from your body. If you dont undergo the mentioned symptoms, it doesnt mean you have failed either. The action of the medicine is unique to the individual. Just wait for the mental effects.

If 1 hour elapses without experiencing anything, the Shaman may require that you retake the brew. This time you will be requested to concentrate more. Pay attention to the brew as you swallow it; feel the flow down the stomach; focus your mind specifically on your problem.

A state of altered consciousness shortly follows the physical symptoms. You will begin experiencing vision and profound realization about the spirit world. You start realizing the divine nature; the existence of good and hell.

It usually starts by making our thoughts more rapid and scattered. You experience diverted attention just like you would when you hear three or more people speaking at the same time. The heart rate gets faster, though, not in a panic way. Then the strange feeling spread to all the interior parts of our body, including the brain.

That is when you may start hearing the spirit giving you teachings or observing it in a vision. The Ayahuasca Retreat Peru works differently for everyone, and let me not sound repetitive; it is an important point to note. You dont have to undergo all that we have described; you may take a different path.

If you are lucky in your journey like I was, the divine mother may take you to the people you offended and those who have hurt you. You will get an opportunity to reconcile. It is practical, and the people are real; you talk and even hug with them. You ask them for forgiveness; they ask you for forgiveness, and you surely feel things are being solved between you.

Ayahuasca aftermath
As the vision fades after the peak, they are slowly replaced by pleasant emotional feelings. The ayahuasca retreat peru journey lasts about 5 or 6 hours. It is a massive journey, and it will take you time to come back together. However, expect a profound impact. Our mind remains connected to the spirit even after the vision fades.

Your thoughts may seem much clearer after finding satisfaction in life. We usually tend to sleep well after Ayahuasca ceremony; relate to people differently, with love and kindness; the depressions are gone.

Rafael Aisner
Rafael Aisner

About the Author:
Rafael is often called The Millionaires Shaman by his clients because of his powerful personal fulfillment and financial wealth formula. Rafael walks his talk having created an extraordinary life of living in a tropical island paradise, sailing the Thailand archipelago with his family, and enjoying the big city experience from his Bangkok Ritz Carlton residence.

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