Jeff Capone, CEO & Co-Founder, SecureCircle

Jeff Capone, CEO & Co-Founder, SecureCircle
Jeff Capone, CEO & Co-Founder, SecureCircle
Jeff Capone, CEO & Co-Founder, SecureCircle
Jeff Capone, CEO & Co-Founder, SecureCircle

Today, we are excited to have Jeff Capone, CEO and CO-Founder of SecureCircle Join us for our Entrepreneur Spotlight Series. First, we would like to ask ask you some questions about your business.

    • Tell us the “Elevator Pitch” For Your Business?
      Legacy data protection is broken. Companies spent years and millions of dollars trying to protect data that should never leave an organization, but breaches and data loss happen regularly. SecureCircle’s mission is to change the approach to data protection to align with Zero Trust fundamentals.  We protect data at scale without limitations on file type, application, size, device, etc.  This allows us to protect all data by default without expensive and laborious discovery and classification tools.  Data is persistently protected, and protection remains with the data regardless of where the data moves.  Protection is transparent to end-users who do not even realize SecureCircle is working in the background.  SecureCircle is the first Zero Trust Data Protection solution.
    • What is the one thing that makes your company a world class company?
      SecureCircle solves the data protection problem correctly.  Similar to the evolution of firewalls.  First, the firewall blocked malicious sites. That was impossible to manage. You manage a firewall with a list of allowed sites today.  Data protection has evolved with SecureCircle to protect data by default and allow authorized users, devices, and applications access to the data.  Solving the data protection problem with the right solution makes SecureCircle a world class organization.
    • How do you make sure your customers will become raving fans of your company?
      Customers ultimately use value as the scorecard for vendors.  SecureCircle brings tremendous value to customers with a data protection solution that finally eliminates data breaches and insider threats while not impacting end-users or the speed of business.  In the process, customers can sunset tools like discovery, classification, rights management, DLP, encryption, and VIDI, which were all in place to create a patchwork security program.  By not renewing licenses and saving hundreds of hours managing complex DLP rules, customers have superior protection at a fraction of the total cost.
    • And to finish this section of the interview, what is the one key to your company’s success?
      Focus on transparent user experience.  Security is never going to work if end users are impacting in any way.  Users will find a workaround to get their job done regardless of the security risks.

Let’s move on to Entrepreneurship:

    • For our readers just starting to build a company,what advice can you give entrepreneurs just starting out with a new venture?
      First, you need an idea that you believe in completely.  Second, you need to be 100% committed to making the idea a success.
    • For entrepreneurs seeking to build a business as successful as yours, what big piece of advise can you give them when times get a little challenging?
      Every company has challenges and roadblocks; having the will power to overcome those obstacles is the key to success.
    • In today’s fast changing business environment, how do you stay abreast of things?
      The best source of information comes from your customers. Listen and learn from their pain points.

Let’s talk about You!

    • What is your “Why”? Why do you get up in the morning, and how do you keep yourself at peak performance?
      At first, it was just proving we could do it.  Now, we have a market fit with great customers, and it’s all about growth.  To stay focused and efficient, you need to peak up in the future and envision your next significant milestone for inspiration.
    • Can you recommend a book that has had an influence in your career? How did it influence you?
      Principles of Mathematical Analysis Book by Walter Rudin
    • In one sentence, what do you feel makes a great leader?
      I will do whatever it takes to keep alive, keep your idea alive.
    • In one sentence, describe what it feels like to be an entrepreneur?
      It is a great adventure to build something new and challenge billion-dollar companies.
    • In one sentence, describe what it feels like to be part of a successful company?
      It’s gratifying to have success, but there is no finish line for success, you have to keep going.
    • In one sentence, describe how you handle rejection and setback?
      One of my favorite quotes is “97% of people who quit too soon are employed by the 3% who didn’t”.
    • In one sentence, describe how you keep your sanity in a competitive business environment?
      At the end of a day battling at work, you go home relax with the family and recharge for another day.

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