Technology to Protect Consumers from Fake Online Reviews

Get Your Objection Report From
Get Your Objection Report From

The internet is changing the way people interact with companies, particularly before spending money. More and more consumers go online to research companies before making a purchase, especially large purchases. The need for a stellar online reputation has never been more important than it is right now. That is why the marketplace for fake online reviews has skyrocketed.

Objection Co stands to meet the challenge of identifying fake reviews, by leveraging modern AI Uses AI To Evaluate Reviews

In 2018-2019 there were only a handful of fake review sellers. Today, if you google the keywords, “buy Google/Yelp/TripAdvisor reviews” – you will find 50+ stores available to purchase fake online reviews. What’s even worse, is that they are selling these reviews around $5-$10 making it affordable to any business who wants a better star rating.

While these review websites do their best to filter out spam, they are overwhelmed. In 2019, Google removed 75 million fake reviews. Those are staggering figures, for just a single site.

While in-house technology is evolving, some of these marketplaces suffer an existential crisis when dealing with fake reviews. Fake reviews are profitable as businesses generate sales, revenues, and marketing budgets to give back to these marketplaces. One could argue that some marketplaces are not motivated to do anything about fake reviews. 

Non-Biased Third Party Technology

The need for a third party to provide a non-biased opinion of the legitimacy of a review would be a huge benefit to both the consumer, but also the business and the marketplace. 

  • The consumer would be protected from counterfeits who are actively trying to deceive potential customers.
  • Businesses with no fake positive reviews would be setting better customer expectations and be in a better position to evolve naturally.
  • The marketplace would be best served by having a better reputation and higher quality marketplace.

Rewarding the honest companies

Companies that earned their reviews by providing real experiences should benefit. The experiences they delivered were shared in reviews and they are in a better position to continue doing providing great experiences. They have been competing with less experienced businesses using black-hat tactics to appear as on the same level. It’s doubtful the experience would be the same from both companies. Consumers deserve the ability to clearly choose a better company based on transparent reviews. The better companies deserve to be rewarded, to have more market share through their hard-earned labor of evolving naturally. The counterfeits should not be able to appear on the same level as a company that has earned its reputation.

Using AI to get the job done

Only AI will have the capability to evaluate every review written, and monitor every reviewer behavior. Google claims to have removed 75,000,000 reviews in 2019, that type of work can’t be done manually, it requires mass data engineering and segregating legitimate reviews from non-legitimate reviews. Only AI can provide the metrics required to accurately separate real reviews from fake reviews and then act on that data. However, it’s our opinion that they only removed the tip of the iceberg. 

A company rising to meet the challenge

Objection Co stands to meet the challenge of identifying fake reviews, by leveraging modern AI and providing reports to consumers who are researching companies they are considering spending with. Fake reviews contain data that can’t be ignored by AI, no matter how well someone tries to conceal it. By purchasing an Objection Report, you can re-risk your engagements with businesses and feel more comfortable and confident to move forward. 


Curtis Boyd is CEO/Founder of
Curtis Boyd is CEO/Founder of

Curtis Boyd is CEO/Founder of, he enjoys spending time with his family and solving complex problems.