Erik Rind, Founder and CEO, ImagineBC

Erik Rind is the founder and CEO of ImagineBC. Erik Rand has the vision to provide the grand bargain of the digital age, in which consumers have willingly traded their data for free Erik Rand believes that consumers can regain their data and regain control of their personal data that’s already been bought and sold on the web Eric Rand leads Washington, DC-based ImagineBC, and the goal of the company is to create platform which allows consumers to take back control and skillfully monetize their personal data. ImagineBC uses AI and Blockchain technology to establish the foundation for a new personal data business paradigm. Eric Rind shares his unique insight on how ImagineBC sets to disrupt the entire paradigm of companies using your personal data without paying for it.

With ImagineBC, you own all your data. Everything is stored securely, and you’re the only one with the key to access it. We create opportunities for you to share your information with companies and individuals interested in purchasing it, while also keeping your information safe and secure. Through Blockchain Technology, we can create trust and ensure that only you can decide who has access to it.

As a company, the importance of full transparency is a value that cannot be underemphasized. In that spirit, we want our community to be fully aware that the company takes a 10% fee from each transaction that is conducted. We use these proceeds to ensure the security of the community, improve the software, pay our staff and partners, and create new services for all our members. Now that’s Business Unusual.