James F. O’Connor, Director of Marketing, Go Solar Group, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

James F. O’Connor, Director of Marketing, Go Solar Group. James F. O’Connor is the Director of Marketing at Go Solar Group. The Go Solar Group believes solar energy can provide economic empowerment to people all over the world, and lives this mission each day, striving to leverage solar power to improve global health, educational opportunity, economic empowerment, and energy independence. After experiencing the benefits of installing solar products for orphanages in off-grid communities and providing an additional 3 million hours of study time for Ugandan school children since its creation, Go Solar Group founders decided to pursue affordable solar in Utah and Reno, Nevada in order to provide more clean energy in Africa. Since then, the business goal for Go Solar Group has been simple; bring affordable, quality residential solar products to Salt Lake City, Utah; Reno, Nevada; San Antonio, Texas; and New Mexico.