Oksana Kolesnikova, Founder, Oksana Foundation

Oksana Kolesnikova is a renowned pianist, composer, entrepreneur, and the Founder of Oksana Foundation. Oksana Kolesnikova has devoted the last 20 years of her life to teaching and inspiring students and developing caring, personal, and effective teaching programs. As the creator of the Oksana School of Music, Oksana Kolesnikova has developed a team of passionate and professional musicians to educate children in piano, guitar, drums, singing, and other instruments. However, Oksana soon recognized a need for access to additional after-school curricula. Her programs now have numerous instructors, are in dozens of schools, and offer music, arts, scholastic, and prep education – and with your help, we can reach even more children. https://www.oksanafoundation.org https://www.DotComMagazine.com

By 2019, her refined business entities under OMG, Inc., Oksana® Enrichment Programs and After-School Enrichment Programs, encompassed dozens of instructors, hundreds of students, and relationships with 12 schools in Southern California. Maintaining her focus on quality and integrity, she chose to personally select her instructors. A second-generation educator, Oksana® sought to bring a range of programs to meet rising student and school needs. Her Oksana® Enrichment Programs offers private, one-on-one lessons in the areas of music, foreign languages, and academic tutoring in all subjects, K through 12, with potential for additional subjects. After-School Enrichment Programs encompass lessons for music instruments, voice/choir, art, acting/drama, martial arts and foreign languages, as well as tutoring and test preparation.

Working for a year with a franchise specialist, Oksana® launched an official franchise opportunity for her scholastic and arts youth education platform in October of 2019. This step has enabled expansion of her scalable, innovative programs both nationally and internationally.

In addition to Oksana’s corporate endeavors, she also founded in 2020 Oksana® Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit whose goal is to provide extracurricular education to underprivileged families. She also organizes networking events to help others with business development. She continues to mentor a limited roster of piano protegees, compose original music, and perform Live concerts for special events, especially fundraisers for her Foundation.

In early 2020, Oksana® was presented with an Award of Excellence in Education at a pre-Grammy Awards party at the Los Angeles Chargers penthouse headquarters, where she also performed some of her original compositions.