Kurt Witten, CEO of Seventeen Pools, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

Kurt Witten
Kurt Witten

Kurt Witten is the CEO of Seventeen Pools, Kurt is a thought leader, influencer, visionary, and successful entrepreneur. Kurt provides the leadership and energy that has inspired the creation of Seventeen Pools.
Kurt Witten joins other leading Bestselling Authors, International Speakers & Entrepreneur, CEOs and Founders taking part in our Leader Roundtable Interview Series. The DotCom Magazine editorial team is delighted to have Kurt join us for our Leader Roundtable Interview.

Kurt Witten is a successful entrepreneur who is largely focused on the real estate market. He is best known as the CEO of Seventeen Pools, a company that offers energy-efficient container pools. Kurtís success in running this company has a lot to do with his academic background. He holds a bachelorís degree in communication from Brandon University. This gave him the necessary skills to effectively understand customer needs and communicate the business vision and product offering in the best way possible. In fact, outside of its quality services, his company is known for its amazing customer service. At Seventeen Pools, customers get their pools fast and are handled by highly qualified staff. The customer service is a reflection of skills he acquired at school and a passion for the business that was nurtured at a very young age. When not running Seventeen Pools or many of his other businesses, Kurt is into charity and gives both time and money to non-profits that help the homeless. It gives him the joy to know that his actions help give someone dignity and improve their quality of life. Kurt also loves spending time with friends and family in his free time and regularly enjoys dinner with them on weekend evenings.

Let’s start by telling us about your business.

My business deals primary in the provision of container pools. We develop customized pools that are also highly energy efficient.

Q: Please tell us how you make sure your customers will become raving fans of your company?

We keep our customers happy by giving them high quality pools, and delivering them on time. It is a strategy that has worked quite perfectly so far.

Q: Please tell us the one thing that separates your business from the competition?

Lead time is one of the key factors that make us stand from the competition. We ensure that once we take a clientís project, we deliver in the agreed timeframes.

Q: And to finish this section, please tell us what is the one major key to your companyís success?

Customer service is what has kept us in business for all these years. Anyone who has bought from us knows that we deliver on time and listen to all our client needs.

Q: For our readers just starting to build a company, what advice can you give entrepreneurs just starting out with a new venture?

I would advise them to focus on getting it right on the concept. Once you are confident that the concept is right, it gets easier to handle all the uncertainties that come with business.

Q: For entrepreneurs seeking to build a business as successful as yours, what one big piece of advice can you give them when times get a little challenging

I would advise them to trust the process. When you have confidence in your business, you can ride the challenges with ease.

Q: In todayís fast changing business environment, how do you stay abreast of things?

I follow multiple business news, both print and digital, religiously. They give me an idea of the macro-trends in the business world.

Q: What is your ďWhyĒ? In one sentence, why do you get up in the morning?

To change the world for the better.

Q: In one sentence, what is the most important thing one has to do to be a great leader?

A great leader should be ready to do more than average for others to follow.

Q: In one sentence, describe how important your customers are to your business?

They are the reason we are getting stronger every year.

Q: In one sentence, describe a positive way that technology can make the world a better place?

It can open up financial services to the very poorest and improve their lives.

Q: In one sentence, tell us how something positive to motivate our readers?

Keep going no matter how tough things get.

Q: In one sentence, tell us how you start your day to get ready?

I start my day with a healthy breakfast.

Q: In one sentence, describe how you handle rejection and setback?

I donít take negativity to heart.

Q: In one sentence, describe what your hiring philosophy is?

I look at a personís passion for the job before hiring them.

Q: In one sentence, describe how you keep your sanity in a competitive business environment?

I keep my sanity by working out.

Kurt Witten, thank you so much for participating in the DotCom Magazine Leader Roundtable Interview Series. We appreciate you participating in this important roundtable interview series, and helping our readers learn more about what it takes to build a great company and become a great leader. We wish you, your family, and of course Seventeen Pools, nothing but the best.