Paul Joseph Gellenbeck, CEO of 954 Homebuyers, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

Paul Gellenbeck
Paul Gellenbeck

Paul Joseph Gellenbeck is the CEO of 954 Homebuyers, Paul is a thought leader, influencer, visionary, and successful entrepreneur. Paul provides the leadership and energy that has inspired the creation of 954 Homebuyers.
Paul Joseph Gellenbeck joins other leading Bestselling Authors, International Speakers & Entrepreneur, CEOs and Founders taking part in our Leader Roundtable Interview Series. The DotCom Magazine editorial team is delighted to have Paul join us for our Leader Roundtable Interview.

Paul Joseph Gellenbeck is the CEO of 954 Homebuyers. He has had an entrepreneurial spirit since he was just a teenager and has since proven to be a well-respected businessman in his community. Paul is originally from Indiana but moved to Florida to help with his father’s business. Paul soon became one of the most successful wholesalers in Florida and largest seller at Manheim auction for many years, selling over 400 cars a month. Due to Paul’s high sales volume, the company was able to go public and Paul was promoted to Vice President as well as a member of the company’s board. Having a knack for sales and for unique, out-of-the-box thinking, Paul decided to switch to the world of real estate next where he would gain over a decade of experience buying, selling, fixing, flipping, and renting houses. Paul has an innate ability to come up with innovative ways to solve problems in ways that most wouldn’t think of. He has been especially great at creating new and exciting out of the box strategies to find ways to clear the titles on the houses they buy at auctions. Obstacles that may hinder other entrepreneurs are often fun puzzles for Paul. With his company, 954 Homebuyers, he is able to problem solve in a way that also makes an incredibly positive impact on the communities in which he works. Homes that are distressed and homeowners that often feel trapped with no other options to sell their homes, are able to be bought by Paul and his team. They are able to bring life back to these homes that were once uninhabitable, beautifying neighborhoods in the process. Paul is happy to bring hope back to these communities and looks forward to expanding that into as many areas as possible.

Let’s start by telling us about your business.

954 Home Buyers is a solution when many think they are out of options. Even distressed and underwater homes can be bought using our straightforward system that gets the deed transferred and the previous owner paid quickly.

Q: Please tell us how you make sure your customers will become raving fans of your company?

Just being a source of hope for so many that feel trapped, it feels great to let them know that they have options which usually results in a fan from the start.

Q: Please tell us the one thing that separates your business from the competition?

There isn’t a lot of competition to be honest because it’s a unique business but when it comes to the customer service we provide, I can say that we provide a refreshing experience compared to other businesses that often leave their customers frustrated and stressed.

Q: And to finish this section, please tell us what is the one major key to your company’s success?

I’d say that one major key is probably my out of the box thinking and my ability to come up with solutions that others don’t even think of. That is what has gotten this business started in the first place and it has garnered much success in the past so I can say that I have a proven track record.

Q: For our readers just starting to build a company, what advice can you give entrepreneurs just starting out with a new venture?

You don’t necessarily have to come up with a new idea for a business, just try looking for a new way of doing business or a new way of solving a problem that no one else is doing to set yourself apart.

Q: For entrepreneurs seeking to build a business as successful as yours, what one big piece of advice can you give them when times get a little challenging?

Build a good network of people and friends that support you. You will want positive people in your life not negative ones because when times get challenging, their positive support will help you find the courage to keep going.

Q: In today’s fast changing business environment, how do you stay abreast of things?

I am still a believer in conversation. Sure, I keep track of the news, but you can find out a lot about your community by having a good conversation with a neighbor. When I take trips out on the boat or I am doing one of my charity trips, I am able to have some great conversations that give me a lot of insight in to issues facing my community which will influence the way I do my business.

Q: What is your “Why”? In one sentence, why do you get up in the morning?

My love for my family, for my passions and hobbies as well as my profession are all reasons I get up in the morning.

Q: In one sentence, what is the most important thing one has to do to be a great leader?

One must know how to balance both power and compassion to be a great leader.

Q: In one sentence, describe how important your customers are to your business?

I care deeply about my customers and they motivate all of my decisions when it comes to the business.

Q: In one sentence, describe a positive way that technology can make the world a better place?

Technology is an integral part of so many companies, both big and small, that it is making the world a better place by allowing small and local business to flourish where they couldn’t before.

Q: In one sentence, tell us how something positive to motivate our readers?

If you expect to find opportunities, you will find them!

Q: In one sentence, tell us how you start your day to get ready?

I get ready for the day by waking up early so that I can exercise and eat a healthy breakfast.

Q: In one sentence, describe how you handle rejection and setback?

I see it as a challenge to better myself and learn from it.

Q: In one sentence, describe what your hiring philosophy is?

I believe in building a network of alike professional individuals that can collaborate new ideas and learn from each other.

Q: In one sentence, describe how you keep your sanity in a competitive business environment?

When I get out on the water and start fishing, I forget about any stresses I may have had beforehand.



Paul Joseph Gellenbeck, thank you so much for participating in the DotCom Magazine Leader Roundtable Interview Series. We appreciate you participating in this important roundtable interview series, and helping our readers learn more about what it takes to build a great company and become a great leader. We wish you, your family, and of course 954 Homebuyers, nothing but the best.