Robert Armstrong, CEO at Appstem, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

Robert Armstrong, CEO at Appstem, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview. Each member of Appstem is an expert in web and mobile technology. Appstem specialize in all phases of the project lifecycle from product development, design, software engineering and QA testing to ongoing support. After 11 years and over 200 digital products, Appstem has a proven track record in designing and developing innovative software solutions that are better, faster, and more cost-effective than their competitors Every decision Appstem makes is based on research. Before creating a solution, they evaluate the business objectives of each project, the desires of stakeholders, and balance all of it with the needs of users. Appstem examines the competitive environment as well as the technological landscape to develop a comprehensive list of needs, features, and requirements. Your app will be unique, competitive, and reflect your brand. Appstem develops natively across iOS, Android, and Windows platforms using the latest mobile technology. Their experienced team builds performance-critical mobile apps tailored to the nuances of each platform. From the day you release your app, the Appstem team stays with you for the entire journey, supporting projects post-release, providing maintenance and improvements as your needs evolve. DotCom Magazine is delighted to welcome Mr. Robert Armstrong, CEO at Appstem, for A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview.

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