Chad Wekelo, Principal, Actualize Consulting, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

Chad Wekelo, Principal, Actualize Consulting, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview. At Actualize Consulting, our mission is to be an industry leader in the management and automation of financial functions and corporate financial events. Our consultants have extensive experience and are accustomed to the challenges involved in working in demanding atmospheres. We focus on serving mortgage firms, banks, corporates, insurance companies and other financial institutions, and Federal and State Government. Actualize Consulting is a professional services firm specializing in business process engineering and technology implementations for financial institutions. With offices in the US (New York and Northern Virginia), Canada, and the UK (London) we are able to keep our finger on the ever-changing pulse of the Capital Markets, Treasury, Mortgage and Fixed Income areas. We serve mortgage firms, banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions, Federal and State Government, as well as specific activities of Fortune 1000 firms. Actualize founding partner Chad Wekelo had a vision of a niche consulting firm whose success would depend on specialized skills, a keen focus on customer satisfaction, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. After working at KPMG and a smaller consulting firm, Mr. Wekelo knew he could make that vision a reality, and in 2003, Actualize Consulting was born. In 2005, Kerry Elam joined the firm to build out Actualize’s internal organization. With a background in consulting, she dove right into the challenge, quickly growing a fierce loyalty that still fuels her leadership at Actualize. After 12+ years together, the Actualize team is still committed to fostering a vibrant, supportive company culture that benefits both internal and external clients. In 2006, Matt Seu brought his expertise in the Mortgage and Fixed Income space to Actualize, joining the firm after 17 years at Freddie Mac. As an Actualize Partner, he provides invaluable support, leadership, and knowledge to the firm. From the beginning, Actualize focused their offerings on financial institutions, choosing to dig deep via specialization rather than spread their knowledge and skills thin over a broader range. Over 17 years later, the firm still specializes in helping organizations manage their financial data. Our highly accredited, enthusiastic and skilled consultants have extensive project experience and in-depth knowledge of the financial services industry, with expertise deeply focused on risk management, treasury, operations, regulatory, accounting, financial reporting and analytical functions. We are as committed to your goals as you are. We strive to uphold our tagline. Our expertise and commitment — driving your success. ?