A New Social Innovation Consultancy Group Driving Equity and Opportunities at Large Companies

Kirstyn Nimmo is an award-winning social impact strategist and founder of GOOD WORX, a social innovation consultancy equipping brands to generate equity, act with accountability and shift culture toward equality. Through her venture, Nimmo builds curated allyship and anti-racism solutions that help companies generate equity through consumer campaigns and employee engagement. For over 12 years, Nimmo’s culture-shifting campaigns have driven real impact, changing minds, opening hearts, and driving equity for underrepresented communities by bringing attention to the urgent challenges they face.

Founded in July 2020 — during the COVID-19 pandemic and the height of the country’s racial justice movement — GOOD WORX partners with brands that are ready to back their commitments to equality with action. Partnership initiatives begin with education, but that is just the beginning: “We help partners learn the history of race within their industry — knowledge that many people lack awareness of. Once that is clear, opportunities for change emerge.” said Nimmo.” Each of us can be effective allies within the sectors that we work in every day, and GOOD WORX develops actionable solutions that brands can commit to, deeping brand love among consumers, increasing retention and satisfaction among employees, and driving equality for underrepresented communities.”

GOOD WORX partnerships result in the creation of innovative campaigns and activations, internal workshops and training, and purpose-driven brand building. As a rule, custom partnership content is executed by the consultancy’s network of leading Black creatives and typically elevates Black experts and thought leaders, unpacking complex concepts like systemic injustice, representation, unconscious bias, privilege and more.

In December 2020, GOOD WORX partnered with Yahoo to develop the Yahoo Allyship Pledge, an immersive platform driving understanding of racial injustice in America and outlining steps towards an equitable future. The six-month program connects a community of diverse creators with thought leaders, nonprofits and activists, including Dr. Cornel West, the ACLU, Color of Change, Bozoma Saint John, Sonya Renee Taylor, and more, to better understand the complex topic of race, begin a journey towards effective allyship, and share their experience with the world.

As a sought after thought leader, influencer, and speaker on social impact and purpose-driven business, Nimmo’s innovative methods of guiding global brands through authenticity, insight, and culture have earned her the praise and recognition from the Obama White House and the 2016 Shorty Social Good Awards. Nimmo was also the architect behind the White House-recognized #IAmAMan campaign for criminal justice reform, The Rockefeller Foundation’s maternal mortality #WithoutMom campaign endorsed by Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, Planned Parenthood, and Vox, and the Purina partnership that opened NYC’s first pet-friendly domestic violence shelters. Nimmo’s vision for the road to equality is clear: Authentic allyship and anti-racism efforts by brands have the potential to reshape the values and systems that create the world we live in, while also deepening relationships with consumers and employees. We’re excited and well-positioned to do the work the world has been waiting for.


GOOD WORX is a social innovation consultancy that creates turnkey allyship solutions that equip companies and communities to generate equity, act with accountability, and shift culture toward equality. In today’s climate, businesses are understanding the urgency of the issues facing underrepresented communities and that their influence can play a positive role in meeting society’s biggest challenges. Through allyship and anti-racism action, GOOD WORX partners with today’s top brands to play a role in fighting racial inequality.