Teo Vanyo, CEO, Stealth Agents, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Zoom Interview

Teo Vanyo, CEO, Stealth Agents, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview Stealth Agents are the leaders in providing virtual assistants for your business. 3 WAYS STEALTH AGENTS AND VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS CAN GROW YOUR BUSINESS 1. Increased Productivity 87% of businesses waste time on menial tasks. Many business owners don’t understand the value of their employee’s time. Hours of productive time are wasted completing tasks that could be fully automated. Stealth Agents VA’s reduce internal workloads by more than 30%. 2. Improved Customer Satisfaction 89% of consumers have switched to a competitor following a poor customer experience. No business can operate without the respect of their customers. For businesses with small teams replying to customer inquiries in a timely manner can be difficult. Stealth Agent VA’s can greatly improve your customer response rates to boost their satisfaction. 3Reduced Overhead Costs Outsourcing saves companies 67% on annual expenses. Stealth Agent virtual assistant services can significantly minimize overhead costs for your business. Stealth Agents has a solid foundation, built on advanced technology and a highly trained workforce. Stealth Agents number one priority is to provide all clients with incredible results.