How Important Are Animated Videos for Your Business?

You are at work on a hot afternoon, lazily going through your emails. Most of them are from suppliers who are sending invoices of your outstanding balance. The best you can do is to request them to be more patient as you figure something out. The past few
months have been challenging. Sales graphs are decreasing. It’s a daily struggle.

Then, a notification pops up on your screen. “Not again! Who is it this time?” you
exclaim. Nonetheless, you still open the mail. To your surprise, it’s an invite to a
business seminar that you had applied for six months back. It has a timely theme,
‘Reach sales peak with animated videos‘ Wow! It’s just what you need. Would you
hesitate to confirm your attendance? In any case, you will even want to have a front
seat at the event.

Is your business in a rocky place? Have different marketing strategies proved futile?
Well, there is still a method that is worth your try. It’s the use of animated videos. Don’t
think that animations are only meant for kids. The underlying principles are similar.
Thanks to technological advancements, video animations have taken the market by
storm. These creations are fun and engaging hence keep viewers hooked.

So if you are wondering about their importance for your business, I have two words for
you. VERY IMPORTANT. I know such a short statement might not be much of proof.
How about I give you 9 reasons. After being done, be the judge.

Simplifies complex material

For many, technical terms reduce their interest in certain subjects. However, abstract
ideas can be presented simply and effectively. The scenes create a storyline that clients
can identify with; therefore, they will keenly follow to learn what they can do. The
Benefits of Explainer Videos are immeasurable. The step-by-step approach makes
them seem less complicated. With the humor in most animations, people will enjoy the
content as the message is conveyed to them.

Product promotion

Would you purchase something you aren’t sure of? So will prospective customers.
People want to know what they are spending their dimes on. Animated videos are very

effective when you want to do product descriptions. This is especially useful when
launching a new brand. Explain a real-life situation and how the commodity fills the
need. Once they establish the connection, they will be more inclined to purchase. For
example, can they relate to the frustration of chlorine-tasting water? The face of the
animator will drive the point home. Available discounts can also be communicated via
the same.

Boosts SEO

Videos are highly ranked in the various search engines. This is because millions prefer
audio-visual to written material. Giants like Google and YouTube have capitalized on
this trend. Systems are regularly updated to enhance more video uploads. How do you

After a perfect blend of entertainment and education, many people will likely look for the
business’ website. Once they are logged in, they may read exciting articles or watch
other animation videos. The more people visit your page, the more your web traffic
increases. Consequently, your webpage gets a higher ranking. The result? It becomes
easily accessible to customers who want to buy stuff.


We all have a favorite commercial. Our ears quiver immediately we hear it. However,
how relevant will it remain in a few years? Additionally, more money is spent on the
production of a live video. From auditions to selecting a suitable setting, the marketing
department incurs more bills.

Well, animated videos significantly reduce such costs. Animators will only need a
computer and the appropriate software. Then within a short time, you can have your
videos rolling. If there are new products or other changes, it’s cheaper to inform the
audience through animated videos.

Increases competitiveness

Your business is not the only one in the market. Others are also scrambling for the
same population. Up your game by using animated videos. When customers notice you
are frequently releasing new videos, they will likely want to know what’s in for them.
Repetition is the mother of retention. If they hear your calls-to-action on the videos,
aren’t they persuaded to buy from you?