Jonathan Shroyer, CEO and Founder, Officium Labs A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

    Jonathan Shroyer, CEO and Founder, Officium Labs ,A DotCom Magazine Exclusive

    Jonathan Shroyer, CEO and Founder, Officium Labs A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview
    About Officium Labs:
    We are building the future of service.
    O?cium Labs is a decentralized network of thought leaders and innovators who help companies create best-in-class service experiences for their customers. Our diverse team features members from every geography, with backgrounds spanning industries such as gaming, tele-health, and on-demand delivery services.
    Our Story
    Energized by an audacious new idea, founders Jonathan Shroyer and Scott McCabe took several long walks around San Francisco in the spring of 2019. As the steps ticked by, they talked about the enormous opportunity to use CX to help companies maximize their revenue. They discussed the vast network of CX resources and capabilities that are currently untapped and hampered by traditional resourcing models. They recognized that it was time for a new, innovative customer experience model to help companies protect or generate value. It was time for a break with the past. It was time for O?cium Labs.

    Who is this company I keep hearing about? SS Schedules in Excel WFM If your call center experience has been anything like ours, I am betting that time and time again you have probably been stuck having to decide between blowing your budget on a fancy, yet surprisingly expensive WFM system, or limping along by manually trying to optimize schedules on a bunch of spreadsheets created for you by some guy named Todd in Accounting.

    These home grown spreadsheets typically lack any sort of automation and thus take a lot of manual work and are hard to truly maximize staffing efficiencies. And yet even large call centers like eBay and the United States Postal Services that have gigantic budgets and spend millions of dollars a month on their call center staffing, still have benefited from spreadsheets to help them forecast.

    With forecasting being a mix between an art and a science, many companies need these advanced forecasting spreadsheets to take their forecasting to the next level. WFM systems can apply the scientific side of the numbers, but need human insight into the data and knowledge of the business and trends.

    With so many call centers still needing to rely on spreadsheets, we at created a low cost model that would allow us to provide forecasting and scheduling programs based in Excel Spreadsheets at very low costs to allow small call centers to gain big call center efficiencies, as well as create forecasting models for call centers of all sizes to be able to apply both the art and the science to their forecasts.

    We even provide some of our WFM products for free. We do this to help get the word out about how awesome our products are, and get a free sample of what we are all about. So feel free to download and enjoy any of these products to help satisfy your WFM needs. You can also check out some of our WFM articles we have written.