Summertime Caribbean Island Activities For Digital Nomads

caribbean island
caribbean island

Going to the Caribbean is a dream for many because of the weather, the beautiful scenery, and just having a nice getaway from the daily schedule. There a lot of amazing activities you can do in the islands that you can’t do in the states. Whether you just want to relax under a palm tree or have some adventures, take some summertime fun in the Caribbean.

Visit Sandy Point National Wildlife Refugee

Here’s a nice spot that you should check out while you’re considering a stay at one of these summertime St. John Villas. Here are a few things you can do at this wildlife refugee:

1: Look at the sea turtles and other wildlife as you catch a bit of the scenery.

2: Do some sunbathing along the beautiful sands with family and friends.

3: Take a swim in the shallow waters for a bit of exercise and relaxation

This a very clean space where you can enjoy the start of your island visit or the last day to soak everything in.

Have a Sip At Cruzan Rum Distillery

There’s nothing like having some rum straight from the islands. This is like an elixir for island people (just gets you a bit toasty). You’ll be able to take a day tour to see how the rum is made.

It’s an excellent way to grab a group of friends and just have a cool experience to start your evening. It’s short and informative. Not to mention, you’ll get a couple of well-made cocktails, which are included in the tour fee. Start your nightlife in style and comfort.

Do Some Shopping on Main Street

While it’s a bit of a tourist attraction, it’s a way to get out and enjoy some of the local fun of the town. After you wake up from a night’s rest, see this bustling street that will certainly add a cool twist to your summertime St. John Villas vacation. From the liquors, perfumes, and nice food spots, this is a beautiful area to walk around.

If you’re not big on the overcrowded situation, it may be your best bet to go in the evening time or early morning. You’ll be able to fully take in everything as you enjoy your island adventure.

It’s a beautiful experience traveling to the Caribbean. Plan things out but still have a flexible schedule to get the most out of your trip.