Mike Shapiro, Managing Director, Plunk, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

We want to empower homeowners to build wealth through their homes. To help you achieve your personal financial dreams, we equip you with expert information and guidance—rooted in high-level data science, trusted sources, and independent research. All designed to give you the tools you need to boost your home value and maximize your equity potential.

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Our Mission Statement may be quite ambitious, but it wasn’t created overnight. The Plunk concept has been years in the making.

As passionate homeowners and remodelers, Brian Lent and David Bluhm recognized the gap between the information that was available… versus what was needed by consumers. They then sought to create a way to help homeowners explore the possibilities of creating a dream home, navigate through remodeling projects, and analyze cost vs. value—real life, real-time ROI—by giving them access to better and smarter data.

It’s mind blowing how little transparency there currently is in the residential real estate market, considering that your home is your most valuable financial commitment. We’re here to change that.

To learn more about how Mike believes in finding joy in the success of others, please visit Mike at SHAPIRO METHOD