Thomas McMurrain, Founder & CEO – CMDX, Inc, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

CMDX is a global membership organization that rewards it members for health and business related activities. It is a platform for creating a better life.

The thesis of CMDX is your data is valuable, you produce it, you should own it and profit from it. Simply allow Brittany conduct the HealthStyle profile and make health personalized health recommendations from CMDXMarket and she will provide you with CMDXRewards. Use the value of your data to reduce the cost of living a healthier lifestyle.

Wearable Technology

Connect up to thirty different brands of fitness trackers and earn Smartcurrency for achieving your fitness goals. Burn it and Earn it with CMDXFit.

Blockchain and Smart Contracts

CMDX is a publicly listed, traded, verified and KYC and KYT compliant ERC-20 token. All CMDX token transactions are publicly auditable. CMDX has a supply of 30 billion tokens and burns 90% of the CMDX tokens used for Brittany Subscriptions.

Artificial Intelligence

Meet Brittany, our A.I. powered digital avatar health and business assistant who will help you build your HealthStyle Profile. By the end of 2021 A.I. will be running 90% of the operations of CMDX.


Connect your health product and service business to the CMDXNetwork and start accepting cryptocurrency. Empower Brittany to introduce you to members who are interested in your products and services.