Will Palmer, Founder & CEO, BizFinder SEO, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

A seasoned Internet advertising and marketing specialist with over 15 years of experience in the industry. I hold a Journalism degree with an emphasis in Strategic Communications & Advertising from the University of Kansas and bring a unique blend of creativity, savvy business sense, and real world marketing experience to the table. I apply this skill set to help my clients reach their short and long-term goals faster and with maximized Return on Investment.

In addition to my deep knowledge around the Internets role in a changing consumer landscape, I have over 13 years of business development consulting in both the legal and healthcare verticals. Blending these 2 specialty skills allows me to understand the big picture for my clients: growing profitability and top-line revenues. I am a technology and Internet lover and constantly challenge myself to gain a deeper understanding of consumer buying habits and the impact a business Web presence has on their brand, reputation, and ability to generate new business.

My passion for Internet technologies and access to the most comprehensive suite of market-leading Web development tools gives my clients the advantage they need to succeed and win big in the digital marketing space.

If you decide to invest in solutions I recommend you will have a long-term advocate continually working to make your enterprise increasingly successful online. As your consultant, I promise two things:

1. I will work hard to understand your business and your goals.
2. I will never suggest a marketing solution that will not help grow your business and produce a positive return on investment.

What I Believe in:

Building Community
Sharing Success
Giving Back