Yuri Kruman, CEO, HR, Talent & Systems Consulting, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

As a CEO, your focus is mostly on product-market fit, sales and operations (or all of the above). Odds are, you yourself never worked in HR and hardly thought about it, maybe even ignored it. At least until you started growing to 15, 30, 50 employees and past $5M ARR and needed to bring on more talent, then to keep it and develop it.

Then things got complicated

For many fast-growth companies, HR has become a four-letter word, a complex and expensive maze of systems, compliance, laws and regulations, plus an expensive arms race of benefits and perks.

It really neednt be. Thats why we created HR, Talent & Systems.

When companies grow past 50 employees, they generally need a more thoughtful, comprehensive approach to hiring, benefits and payroll, talent development and systems. Its inevitable, if the CEO wants to maintain a core team and grow quickly and scale. Eventually, they need to hire their first HR executive to create and implement strategy, not just systems.

We build the bridge to that first CHRO / CPO hire and sometimes fill that role ourselves as the startup raises a B round and scales quickly.

Founders often think they can get by on a more bodies in seats approach, until people feel alienated and un-cared for and leave for greener pastures.

Having seen this sad inflection point over and over as an Interim Chief HR / Chief People Officer and previously, as an employee in Product and Finance/Operations, it pains me to see great companies under-utilize, under-develop and lose talent, the founders unable to get out of their own way.

For the last 7 years, we have helped companies of all sizes, industries and growth stages to stand up an HR department from scratch, coach executives to become leaders and employees to thrive in their roles, as well as design and implement the systems (ATS, HRIS, Benefits, Payroll, Project Management, etc.) they need to sustain and increase growth.

Partnering with top vendors in each category, we have saved our clients multiple $100Ks on benefits, talent acquisition and retention costs and employer branding, helping our clients win Inc. 5000, Best Company To Work For and individual industry awards.