George Dunn, President, CRE8 Independent Consultants, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

George Dunn is the Founder and President ofCRE8 Independent Consultants. Since 1995, CRE8 has helped organizations plan for:

– Process Improvement (BPM, Re-engineering, LEAN, Six Sigma, Friction-less),

– Advanced Technologies (Capture, Recognition, Machine Learning, Forms Processing, ECM, Workflow, RPA, ERM),

– Digital Transformation (Enterprise, Department, Group, Individual),

– Information Governance (Policies, Procedures, Schedules), and

– Complex Computer System Replacement (Augmentation, Porting, COTS, Custom).

CRE8 services include consulting, workshops, and conferences; provided on-site or through the internet. It is important to note that as independent consultants, CRE8 works directly for end-user organizations and does not sell or represent any technology solution. This allows CRE8 to provide an independent voice to help organizations plan for and evaluate process improvement and technologies.

CRE8 serves national and international organizations in all industry sectors, including Fortune 100, government, and privately held. We conduct process improvement and technology planning projects at the enterprise, department, and workgroup levels for worldwide, national, and local organizations. Clients range in size from 25 to 250,000 employees across all industries.

CRE8 projects are staffed by leading professionals who have extensive experience assisting organizations with planning for process improvement and new technologies. Our consultants provide complete knowledge transfer of the tools and techniques that we employ. CRE8 delivers outstanding successes and customer results.