Jennifer Earnest , CEO of The Chef’s Garden and Co-Founder of Jen & Jamey’s Virtual Cooking Classes

The Chefs Garden has been delivering specialty products with optimum shelf life, quality, flavor and nutrition direct from the farm to the world’s most discriminating chefs for over 30 years. Under the guidance ofLee Jones, and Bob Jones, Jr. – who follow in the footsteps of their father, Bob Jones, Sr., –The Chef’s Garden employs traditional regerativefarming methods combined with innovative technology to stay on the leading edge of the produce business.

Even though the farm was built on a foundation of traditional farming methods that have served our grandfathers well for decades, we are also focused on perpetually innovating and developing new products that help us remain the leading grower of artisanal produce in the nation and serves to foster a deep and abiding relationship of respect and collaboration with chefs that we have worked with throughout the world.

Our pioneering food safety programs include diligent testing for foodborne illnesses that begins with the seed and continues right up to the time our fresh vegetables, microgreens, herbs, edible flowers, and more arepackaged and shipped to our customers, as well as a bar-code system that tracks each and every product from seed to shipment. Our efforts ensure our customers that they are serving their guests food that is safe, healthy, and packed with flavor.


Everything that we do on the farm is integrally linked to the conversations we have been honored to enjoy with chefs for over thirty years. Our success is born from the like-minded work and regenerative farming philosophies that we share with our customers and is derived from a steadfast will to not only survive, but thrive, in agriculture. This abiding commitment to deliver the highest quality, most nutritionally dense and flavorful fresh vegetables, microgreens, herbs, edible flowers and more direct from Earth-to-Table and our willingness to listen carefully to a chefs needs is what motivates and enriches our work and inspires us each and every day.