Shane Green, President & Founder, SGEi, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

What Sets SGEi Apart?

SGEi designs and delivers customer service training programs that inspire employees to learn, grow, and take control of their personal development. SGEi also develops a series of stimulation and socialization tools (before and after training modules) to reinforce desired new habits as well as e-Learning modules to ensure the ongoing adoption of those new habits. Further, SGEi modules are accompanied by a frontline manager coaching module to ensure desired habits are ingrained correctly. Whether its for leadership, supervisor, sales, or customer service training, SGEi can help.


We believe your employees define the customer experience and your companys ability to deliver on your brand promise and purpose. SGEi offers a variety of employee learning experiences, leadership workshops, and culture consulting services that will inspire your employees to want to deliver a better customer experience, perform at a higher level, and help improve bottom-line results.


As a global training and consulting company, we are a catalyst and partner for brands focused on elevating the habits, abilities, and experiences of every employee and manager in their business.


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