6 Simple Gift Ideas for Newborn Babies


Baby Gift

The arrival of a newborn baby is a joyous occasion, not only for Mom and Dad but for their relatives and friends. However, some of us have a hard time finding the right gift for Mom and baby, especially if they aren’t parents themselves. A gift you can consider is a labeled infant milk from https://sellformula.com/. Whether a new mother has a baby shower or prefers to keep a gathering amongst their closest family, the following gifts are sure to impress. With the best selection and great deals on cribs for babies makes it easy to find just what you’re looking for.

1. Baby Skin Care and Diaper Gift Basket

The first year living with a baby is always expensive, and it’s common for parents to spend over $500 per year on diapers alone. To help the new family with this much-needed expense, buy a few boxes of diapers that are made for newborns. Although their heart is in the right place, many baby shower invitees buy the wrong size. Always check the age range written on the packing.

Babies will need products that will help the frequent changing and washing less harmful to their skin. You can add shampoo, massage oil, body lotion, baby wipes, and rash cream to your gift.

2. Linens for a Baby Crib/Bed

Bed linens also make for great gifts because they’re rarely gifted. Baby’s bedding sets come in multiple fun and attractive designs, like polka-dots, tartan, space, and nature themes. Typically, most baby linens come in blue for boys and pink for girls, but there are also gender-neutral shades available, like yellow, orange, or green. Try to match their baby room if you’ve been in it.

3. Hypoallergenic Flowers

Some parents are specific on what they want to give to their children, but flowers are more for the new Mom and Dad to celebrate for themselves. If you live near a florist in Dallas, be sure to buy hypoallergenic blooms that won’t cause itchy eyes or an allergic reaction for the newborn. Carnations, daffodils, hyacinths, and hydrangeas are perfect non-pollen hypoallergenic florals.

Seasonal allergies are quite rare in babies, but if you want to ensure you don’t harm the baby, buy a potted plant that doesn’t flower, like a succulent aloe vera plant or a rubber plant.

4. Baby Clothes (Bibs, Socks, Onesies)

Babies need new clothes every few months, which is another expense that adds up significantly over the first year. Buy the new parents some baby clothes, like bibs, mittens, vests, booties, caps, and onesies in neutral colors for their first year. Some retailers sell 6-month’s worth of clothing in sets, making it easier for parents to swap out clothing that no longer fits.

Keep away from clothes with synthetic fibers, as they’re more likely to irritate the baby’s skin. It’s better to buy clothing that’s made from cotton, silk, cashmere, or porous fabrics like bamboo.

5. Baby Carrier Sling

Skin-to-skin contact is good for the parents and child for the following reasons.


– Calms the baby and helps them cry less.

– Releases hormones that relieve stress.

– Aids in milk production for Mom.

– Boosts the baby’s immune system.

– Lowers the risk of postpartum disorder.

Purchasing a baby carrier sling or carrier can help promote all of those positives and more. Baby carriers are a practical gift that helps Mom rest and do some tasks without holding the baby. Be sure to buy a sling that’s for newborns, as they need more neck support.

6. First-Year Baby Photo Album

Although most of us take pictures with our phones and store them on our hard drives, nothing beats the real deal. Gifting a baby photo album can help parents record all of the first-year milestones. Babies grow up fast, so parents will appreciate a physical record of their child’s achievements. Many of these photo albums let you write notes, store details, and crafts.

Alternatively, you could buy the parents a scrapbooking kit, which will scratch the same itch as the photo album. They can still document their baby’s progress, but with some creativity.