An In-Depth Guide on How to Make Benefits Management Easy

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When operating a large company, there is nothing better than having a dedicated, motivated workforce. You want people you can rely on who can help your company achieve great things. To hire and then keep those people, you need to give something in return. While a good salary goes a long way, so do great benefits.


Employee perks are offered by many companies. With offerings such as healthcare, dental, discounted shopping, pension plans, or subsidized events tickets all being benefits that employees love to receive. But, with a large workforce and a wide array of benefits, it can become hard to manage all the parts of the perks. Fortunately, there are ways to ease the stress of managing all of these staff benefits. Read on to find out how to make benefits management easy.

Use Top Tech

First thing’s first, it’s time to stop managing benefits manually. There is nothing more time-consuming than individually working out different perks and manually assigning them to staff via paper, vouchers, or emails.

This may have been done in the past, but it is a total waste of your time – or a member of your staff’s time. Instead, turn to technology. There are now some great platforms for employee benefits, and using these platforms is super easy; you simply develop benefits plans within the app and assign them to each of your staff as they earn them – i.e. at the end of their probationary period. This is a simple job that can be integrated with your HR and payroll system, saving time and effort for members of your team.

Choose Your Benefits

Once you have enrolled on your chosen benefits platform, you can start to build your benefits packages. Most of these platforms will offer a selection of ready-made plans for you to choose from, but you are perfectly entitled to create your own benefits selections if you prefer to do so. You can also have different packages for different levels of staff.

For example, you may want a basic package to kick in after three months’ continuous employment or, you may wish to give extra perks to those who have been with you for 5+ years. How you choose and structure your benefits is entirely up to you. The best bit? Once you’ve set these structures in place, the system will be automated, immediately placing the right employees on the right benefits set without any human instruction. Easy!

Attract and Enroll Staff 

With a system like this and a great selection of employee perks, you can attract a higher caliber of staff. Plus, you’ll make your current staff feel much more content in their work. This system makes it easier for you to have a highly skilled and highly motivated workforce. All you need to do is enroll them on the benefits platform through the back office system – again linked to HR and payroll – and your work is done. Your employee can now access all their benefits at the click of a button.

Attract and Enroll Staff 

Manage Their Use

From here, the system will be mostly automated, the rules and perks are set, meaning employees can access the right perks and to the right values. However, you will also be able to manually manage perks should you wish to. For example, you may want to add individual perks to high-level managers as a sort of bonus. Or, you may be required to remove someone from the system if they are taking long-term leave. Whatever you need to do, though, will be easy and seamless.

Use Data to Improve Offering

One of the best things about using a system like this is how much data you get back. Much like CRM, you want the platform to be recording data about which perks your staff are actually using. If it seems that no one is interested in your clothing packages, for example, you can remove them while trying to find something better to replace them on the system.

Maybe you notice that a large number of people aren’t accessing their healthcare plan – this gives you the insight to reach out to your employees and find out why. Think of it as a CRM for your own workforce. This data helps you find out what is making them a happy group of employees – and maybe what isn’t!

As you can clearly see, it is easier than ever to manage a vast selection of employee perks all in one place, with very little effort. Ditch the manual work and save your HR department some time. Sign up for a great automated back-office system to help deliver quality benefits to your staff today.