Kanika Wahi, Co-Inventor of Nasal Guard Airborne, DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

    NasalGuard ® Airborne Particle Blocker ® is a drug-free electrostatic topical nasal gel that prevents airborne particles from entering the nose. The product is drug-free and safe for children, the elderly, pregnant or nursing women, and those concerned about potential drug interactions with other medications.

    Kanika Wahi is Co-Founder and Co-Inventor of newly patented enhanced formulation of NasalGuard technology a division of Trutek. Trutek is a privately held company which has developed innovative airborne contamination prevention medical devices, nasal particle blockers and skincare products. NasalGuard ® Airborne Particle Blocker wants everyone to Breathe Easier this year. It is Allergy Season and people are getting vaccines for COVID-19, for travel or to protect from other airborne allergens and pollutants, this ‘invisible mask’ worn under your mask will make life safer for you and your loved ones.