Matthew Palis, CEO, Infront Webworks, Inc – A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview


    The whole website development process from conceptualization to launch to promotion has become too complex for one person to master. Successful websites are born from a team of specialists who are masters of complex disciplines working together to produce highly effective and compelling websites. At Infront, we believe in the capabilities of the individual and in the output of the team. We hire those with the best individual skills and work them into our unique, team-oriented development process. Each team member has defined responsibilities upon which the rest of the team relies. The result is a product that reflects the efforts of highly-skilled professionals who take great pride in their webwork.

    Understanding it’s nearly impossible to be a perfect Web Company to everyone, we strive for perfection for your business! We’ll identify your website needs, and be transparent about our ability to fill them.

    There are many Digital marketing and Web Development Companies to choose from and trusting the right partner is critical. Your choice will largely be determined but what your short term and long term web needs are. In the nature of transparency and to expedite the process of your selection we have outlined the many of those questions and answers below.

    Things to consider when choosing a Website Company:

    Do they have website development and design services in house?
    Can they assist you in planning the website?
    Have you looked at their portfolio and case studies?
    Do they have programmers that work in a variety of coding languages?
    Have you checked their reviews and or references?
    Are they a full service website company?
    Can they handle ongoing support and maintenance?
    What does “Award Winning” actually mean?
    Do they have the staff to accommodate your needs?
    Are their rates in line with your budget?

    We do realize that some of these questions will depend on circumstances and that there may be additional questions that you would want to ask depending on the circumstances, but we tried to cover the common ones. If you have additional questions please contact us and speak to one of our business development professionals.