Suzie Yorke, Founder & CEO, Love Good Fats A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

    Love Good Fats was born out of one woman’s pursuit to empower others to embrace a totally new way of eating.

    Suzie Yorke, our founder, spent years cutting fat out of her diet only to find that she felt worse than before! After a little research, she learned that sugar and carbs might actually be the culprit. She immediately shifted to a high-fat, low-carb diet, and never felt better.

    The only problem was the serious lack of satisfying snacks. She wondered, was it possible to create convenient foods that satisfied her taste buds and embraced this new way of eating?

    You bet! Suzie got to work crafting her undeniably delicious, truffle-like bars with good fats, plenty of protein, and only 1-2g of sugar. With that, Love Good Fats began. In the years since, we’ve expanded to Chewy Nutty bars and thick & creamy shakes that deliver the perfect combination of nutrients and indulgence.

    You heard it here first: Fat is back. Sugar is out!