Unusual Influencers in the Fashion Industry


The internet is the place to go if you want information on anything, fashion included. Whether you’re browsing social media, flicking through an online store, or checking magazine sites, there’s always some fashion guidance out there. Following influencers is the easiest and most in-depth way to receive recommendations for a visual industry such as fashion. However, you may find yourself looking at the same seasonal trends and rehashed outfits. To expand your horizons, here are some interesting and unusual influencers to follow for fashion styles and ideas.

What Are Influencers?

Influencers are people with large followings online via YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or any other social media site or blogging platform. They share various aspects of their lives while promoting a product or service and the way it affects their lifestyle. They are, without a doubt, taking social media by storm.

They make money by including sponsored posts within their content. This means that some of the information and ideas you receive from influencers will be sponsored or paid-for content. They may have been paid a flat fee or get paid by affiliate links, which is when people buy the promoted product. So, be aware – while enjoying their content – that they are trying to sell you things! That’s how they make their living.

Doctor Mike

An unusual first choice, Doctor Mike is a young, practicing family doctor who shares his stories as a doctor on YouTube. However, somewhat surprisingly, he also shares fashion guides and style advice content for men. Furthermore, his estimated earnings from Comparethemarket.com.au are super high, having over 7.28 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is very popular due to his honesty, interesting stories, and excellent fashion advice. If you are interested in wild medicine stories and excellent fashion guides, Doctor Mike is the channel for you.


On a slightly different note, this influencer is all about sustainability. Michelle shares ethical and sustainable fashion ideas on her Instagram page. Her ideas spawned from the fact that many people think that once you’ve been seen wearing an outfit once, you should never be seen wearing it again. Michelle completely disagrees, saying that “If something looks good on you why not enjoy it instead of buying into hyper-consumerism that leads to pollution.” If you want amazing ideas on reusing clothing, buying sustainably, and supporting ethical charities, Michelle is the girl to follow.

Kelsey Bang

Kelsey is a fashion blogger whose tagline is “Inspiring love and adventure through fashion!” Sounds wonderful, right? Kelsey’s website, social media, and YouTube all promote family, love, and enjoying life. The best part is that her husband and child are involved in so much of her work, so you get fashion tips and style ideas for the entire family. She shares more than fashion tips too, with reviews of brands, childcare items, and more filling her blog daily.

Whatever style you want to follow, there are some fascinating, unusual, and interesting influencers out there to get tips from. These three are a great start, but once you get searching, you’ll find plenty more. Enjoy your new fashion tips and ideas from the best influencers around.