Indulge Your Passion For Retro Gaming With These 3 Collectables

Retro Gaming
Retro Gaming

The gaming industry is now worth billions of pounds in the UK. Still, none of this success would be possible had retro games not laid the groundwork for the sector decades prior.

Video games have a long and storied history. Select titles ascend to iconic status also, setting cultural milestones in art, storytelling, and technology.

Providing they are unopened and in good condition, some of the retro titles of old can fetch exorbitant sums of money at auction today. Many people are eager to tap into their nostalgia or get hands-on with the gaming’s origins authentically.  Games, consoles, merchandise – it’s all retro goodness that’s worthy of collecting. Plus, there’s a growing market for both new and secondhand TVs for retro gaming to provide the most authentic visual experience.

Here’s a quick breakdown of 3 collectables that can help you indulge your passion for retro gaming.

Racing Arcade Machines

When people think of retro games, they may picture playing on their Nintendo or SEGA consoles. However, classic arcade machines also contributed significantly to the retro gaming scene and perfectly blended titles and modes of play together.

Here’s a tip, research 7 of the best retro driving games and see if you can’t pick up their associated arcade machines after that. Here you can use lit up dashboards and large steering wheels, rather than just a simple joystick and a smattering of buttons to wiggle and press. It’s not just about cars either, with motorbike iterations on games like Hang-On putting players on a model motorbike with full motion control.

Kids and adults alike were always able to enjoy these types of games, too, enjoying a wholly immersive experience. Additionally, titles like Sega Rally Championship were among the first to incorporate multiplayer elements, so perhaps you could appreciate your love of retro games with a fellow fanatic?

Not everyone plays with or uses their retro gaming collectables. Still, featuring an arcade machine in your assortment of goods may make your collection more varied and visually appealing. Many of them feature intricate graphic designs or iconic logos. In the end, vintage gaming isn’t just about any single machine or device, and the best collections always have an array of offerings and displays.

Game Boy

Nintendo’s ground-breaking Game Boy arguably took retro gaming to the next level.

Remember, Game Boy was released when its portability made it wholly unique, standing tall as the first-ever handheld console. Since then, the PSP and the more recent Nintendo Switch have carried the respective torch, as well as people’s smartphones. Still, the Game Boy will always have the privilege of being the ‘first’ device to master handheld gaming. For that reason, it’s a worthy addition to anyone’s collection of retro games.

Of course, the console is just the start too. There was an onslaught of popular games that were released for the Game Boy, such as The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Super Mario Land, Donkey Kong Country, and even Tetris. Purchasing a Game Boy gives you a very valid excuse to take your collection to the next level and to curate an extensive library of iconic retro games.

Not only this, but Game Boy received numerous hardware upgrades over the years as well, with multiple iterations of the console being created. Three ‘sub families’ were developed over the years, Classic Game Boy, Game Boy Colour, and Game Boy Advance. Therefore, not only can you build an extensive collection of games, but you can also feature multiple iterations of the console in your assemblage too.

Of course, other retro consoles are worthy of honourable mentions. The classic PlayStation and the traditional SEGA Mega Drive both achieved remarkable feats in retro gaming. Still, the Game Boy was always more affordable, with a persistent battery life and robust protective casing to make it a masterclass in engineering.

Mastering Pac-Man

Pac-Man was arguably one of the quintessential games of the retro era. Gamers and non-gamers alike have at least heard of it but have likely also played it in some form.

As part of their 40 facts celebrating Pac-Man’s 40th anniversary, The Guardian note that licenced merchandise for the title quickly built up steam. T-shirts, lunchboxes, joke books, and board games all came into being. Even Pac-Man themed Valentine’s Day cards were created, and you can almost certainly still find most of them today.

However, a 1981 strategy guide to the game entitled ‘Mastering Pac-Man’ was also published, eventually selling 1m copies. Mastering Pac-Man was always a challenge, but this book contains all the crucial steps needed to master slow and fast versions of the game alike. Additionally, you can also learn the behavioural and movement patterns of the ghosts.

Arguably, retro games are more challenging than some of today’s titles. After all, they often come with easy modes built into them, and people are generally more familiar with how game mechanics work and play these days due to its rising popularity. Retro games often boast raw gameplay that requires some tremendous skills to beat. Consequently, a strategy guide can double as not only a nice literary collectable, but a valuable and encyclopaedic resource also.