Brian Hazelgren, Chief Executive Officer, RX2Live, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

    About Brian Hazelgren and RX2Live:

    We have built an amazing team of personnel, franchisees, and vendor partners that have helped us achieve huge success including being named to the Top 50 Companies in Healthcare, and the Top 100 Game Changers in Franchising.

    Relentlessly driven and armed with a healthy dose of humor and fun, I also like to move fast and produce insanely impressive results. My biggest passion is providing unprecedented quality – while pushing the limits of creativity and innovation – and have a little fun along the way!

    I have written 17 books – including the #1 books on business planning and entrepreneurship. I have trained over 85,000 business executives, and helped design and implement the Entrepreneurship Center at the University of Utah, where I was also an Adjunct Professor in Entrepreneurship from 2001-2011. During my career I have managed to raise over $1.3 billion in charitable funds for healthcare. I have also written many successful business plans to launch new ventures.

    As a leader I believe we need to be able to call audibles, and constantly take on new challenges and deliver outstanding results. I believe that leaders should possess a winning, positive attitude; know their followers and enjoy helping them grow. Successful leaders have a vision…share it with others, and empower them to find their own success. I also believe that successful leaders are never happy with the status quo, and are constantly looking for new adventures, and should be confident in their ability to lead!

    I love to create and implement content to aid in achieving Revenue goals. I am very committed to training and mentoring. I believe that you need to work hard at your job – while have fun doing it with the people you work with, and achieve your career and financial goals!

    Why RX2Live?
    Independent physician practices have seen a 40% reduction in profits in the past five years. 83,000 eldercare facilities cannot support the demand for the next 23 years. Only 54% of people in North America have access to workplace wellness. RX2Live is the first model to offer easy on-boarding solutions for physicians, eldercare providers, and corporations.
    Company Mission:
    RX2Live is a healthcare and wellness services Company. The Company’s mission is to positively affect better health for patients and employees, and to assist medical practices and elder care facilities to thrive and realize additional growth. We also have a passion to assist businesses in controlling their health care costs while also increasing productivity. Through an innovative compilation of products and services – we are able to accomplish these outcomes – all related to providing better health and wellness options.