Emergency Preparedness & Survival Skills – The Next Big Wall Street Investment Opportunity.

Hugh Simpson, a former Post Newsweek TV Group investigative reporter and a preparedness and survival skills consultant for over 20 years, sees this niche as the next big investment opportunity for venture capital and angel investors.

Simpson, is the CEO and founder of Valentine International LLC and XP Concierge Services LLC. These companies offer clients products and services related to this niche.

“We cover shelter, food growing and alternative power for both natural and man-made disasters,” says Simpson. “The biggest natural catastrophic event actually began in 2019 and will grow exponentially over the next 35 years.”

So what is this event?

“It is the current Grand Solar Minimum that occurs approximately every 350 years. The last one wiped out 25% of the European population due to starvation and even created a Mini Ice Age,” continues Simpson. “I first learned about this epic event in 1999 while researching and writing my first book A Family Survival Manual for Y2K & Beyond . Then in 2019 I saw a workshop presented Dr. Zharkova, who is one of the foremost solar physicist in the world. She had developed an algorithm that looked back over 10,000 years at the occurrences of Grand Solar Minimums. She found they occurred approximately every 350 years like clockwork. She even had another colleague proof her findings with the same results.”

So will we see another Mini Ice Age?

“Dr. Zharkova believes we could avoid the Mini Ice Age due to global warming; however the Arctic freezing temperatures will still be felt over the majority of the earth,” warns Simpson. “In the United States these temperatures will be felt all the way to south Georgia. Out in the western USA it is possible that they will remain closer to normal temperatures; however they are already facing severe drought conditions not seen since coincidentally the last Grand Solar Minimum.”

So what type of shelter does Simpson offer?

“We offer our dodecahedron geometric Raptor Domes Kits ™ that can be easily placed underground,” says Simpson. “We have been approached by a preparedness company owner about using them in an underground Eco-Village they are planning to build. I also know from talking to a reliable source that a Chinese billionaire has bought 150 acres in the western North Carolina mountain area of Maggie Valley planning to build an underground city with its own hospital. I read where a hedge fund owner purchased one of the abandoned US military missile silos and renovated them into luxury condos. He sold out within a month.”

“As I mentioned before,” continues Simpson “we offer a revolutionary water-based food growing system with our Raptor BioDome ™. It uses troughs where the bottom one raises tilapia, trout and crayfish. The others use the fishes nitrogen to grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, wheatgrass, etc. Maintenance is only about one hour daily. This Raptor BioDome ™ can also be placed underground.”

So what will power this underground living area?

“We are the exclusive dealer for a patented hand-cranked generator that also can be operated with pedal power,” says Simpson. We have models that offer from 400 to 1600 watts. The largest generator was used in a US government project involving abandoned underground mines.”

The new Valentine International LLC Chief Operating Officer, Tim Crockett, has extensive training and experience in preparedness and survival skills as a former British Royal Marine Commando and Special Boat Services operator, which is equivalent to a US Navy SEAL. He has taught his three day course based on his military training to hundreds.