6 Great Tips for You If You’re Trying to Write a Novel


Writing novels is one of the most challenging things that anyone can try to do. It takes up a lot of time and energy. If you’re trying to write a novel, it’s important for you not to stop writing just because you hit some kind of writer’s block or problem! Finish your novel if you’ve started it – otherwise, all of your hard work so far will have been for nothing. Make sure to take the time out every now and again to plan what happens next in your book though – this way everything will come together nicely when you get back into writing again. Here are 6 great tips for you if you are about to write a novel.


Get A Great Publisher 

Publishers are not perfect, but they know what’s going to sell. If you really want to get your book published, getting a good publisher is the best thing you can do.  Even if self-publishing sounds like an attractive option now, wait until you have written your novel before making your final decision about publishing. Unless you are Stephen King or JK Rowling, it will be much harder for you to find success without the backing of a great publisher. Nowadays there are other solutions online that can help you publish your book and distribute it too! Get all of the support that you can from a publisher, even if that means getting a book deal that only pays you royalties after your novel has sold a certain number of copies. Doing this will give you time to focus on writing the best book possible while increasing your chances of success in the long run.

Write What You Love To Read

If you want to be a novelist, it is very important for you to love what you are writing! Writing takes a lot of hard work and energy. If the story itself doesn’t interest you it’s going to be harder for readers to get into it too. Therefore, try not to write about something that bores or annoys you just because “it might sell”. Write about what interests and excites you most – the story (and its ending) will be much more rewarding. 

Practice Makes Perfect 

You will only get better at writing if you practice! For this reason, make sure to set yourself a strict time limit for writing every day. It could be 10 minutes in the morning before work or an hour in the evenings after dinner. If you do this, it will become easier with time and your skills will improve. You’ll also start to experiment more with different story ideas and genres – which is another good thing since it makes it even more likely that you’ll succeed. 

Form An Outline

For many writers, an outline is the most important thing if they want to write a good book. Planning out what is going to happen in your novel beforehand can be extremely helpful. Not only does this allow you to decide on subplots and sub-characters, but it also means that you will know where your story is heading at all times – which means you won’t get writer’s block.   It also means that you won’t write yourself into any corners, which can be very frustrating.

If your outline is too long and too detailed, break it down into smaller parts! You may find it helpful to do this by writing the story in chronological order (rather than order of events) on pieces of paper. Write out what happens first, second, third, etc. This way you’ll know exactly where your novel will begin and end – plus how everything fits together nicely between beginning and end. Doing this will also make writing much easier because even if you get writer’s block at some point or another, you can just skip ahead to another part of your list instead of getting stuck at the same point every time.

Read Your Work Out Loud

It might sound silly, but reading your own work out loud can help you spot mistakes more easily. If there are certain words or sentences that feel especially awkward when read aloud – e.g. “The door slammed shut behind him” – then chances are readers will have similar problems. Try to read out loud as often as possible and make changes whenever you notice something is wrong.

Don’t Give Up!

It’s easy to give up on your novel when you get stuck or hit a bump in the road, but it’s important for you not to do this! Keep writing even if you’re feeling uninspired – just think about what has already been written. There are always endless possibilities of where your story can go from here too – no matter how many times writers such as yourself get writer’s block.

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Write about what genuinely interests you most, try not to worry too much about whether or not you will get a book deal straight away – and above all else, make sure to write every day. These 6 great tips should be helpful for anyone who wants to write a novel. If you follow these tips above, you’ll find yourself writing one awesome novel that readers will enjoy for many years to come.