Boost the Security of Your Business Premises With These Tips



If you are a business owner, it is important to know how to protect your premises. There are many ways to do this, and the first step is understanding your risk levels. We all want to keep our employees and customers safe, but what about ourselves? It’s easy for us as owners of the company to forget that we should be looking out for ourselves just as much as anyone else. 

It’s not always easy to understand which security measures will work best for your business, so here are some tips on boosting the security of your premises.

Install CCTV and Video Surveillance System

One of the most effective ways to boost security is by installing a CCTV and video surveillance system. With remote video surveillance, you can monitor your business from anywhere in the world. Make sure you place cameras at each entrance and that there are enough to cover all areas of potential risk, such as storerooms, cashier desks, and loading bays. These should be well lit to capture both day and night footage no matter what time it is.

You also need to make sure you have enough storage space for the CCTV footage. You don’t want to be caught out if someone tries to steal data or vandalize your company, and there isn’t any evidence as it will look like a false alarm.

Have Physical Security and Procedures at All Times

Another way to boost security is by having physical security and procedures at all times. This includes using special locks, safe boxes for storing valuable data, and alarm systems linked to a fully monitored company response center 24/seven with trained professionals who can respond within minutes of an incident taking place.

Make sure your employees have the necessary training they need to handle an emergency. If you don’t have security staff on-site, make sure there is someone who has the authority and responsibility during business hours or overnight if no one else is present at that time.

Always Change the Access Control Privileges

Another way to boost security is by always changing the access control privileges. If you allow your staff members and other people who work in or visit your premises to use their ID card, make sure it has a unique code that no one can guess, such as date of birth or telephone number. There should also be certain areas to which they don’t have access, like the server room or cashier’s desk.

Be careful with who you give access to, and make sure that trustworthy people won’t abuse your trust. Don’t hand out master keys, as anyone can copy these easily if someone wants to steal from your premises without being detected.

Always Have a Safe to Protect Valuables

Another way to boost security is by always having a safe to protect valuables. This might include cash, data, or even product samples that could be vulnerable if left in an unlocked drawer or cupboard overnight. Make sure your office has been fitted with the right kind of safe for your business needs and consider other ways you can use it to protect your business, such as keeping a list of important contact information in it.

Remember to keep the safe hidden from view and ensure there is only one key, so you don’t have any unnecessary duplication. If someone breaks in and finds the safe, they will assume something valuable inside it because of its size. Not knowing what type of safe you have can make them more likely to walk away and leave your business alone.

Have an Impromptu Security Checks


Another way to boost security is by impromptu security checks. This means that you should be checking the safety and health of your employees regularly without them knowing about it. If something doesn’t look right, such as an unlocked door or broken window, then take action immediately.

This can range from calling someone in for repairs if necessary to make sure there is no one loitering around the premises which shouldn’t be. It would be best to consider installing access control systems like fingerprint scanners or retina scanners for employees and visitors alike. The main thing you want to do when it comes to security is getting people engaged in helping your business succeed, whether that means paying attention to every detail or keeping an eye out for anything suspicious.

Every day we hear about companies having their premises broken into or vandalized by criminals who want to steal data or product samples to sell them on the black market to competitors. Make sure your business premises are safe by following these tips and boosting security with CCTV, video surveillance systems, physical security procedures, having a secured safe to protect valuables, changing access control privileges for employees, among other things.