Jeffrey Harris, CEO and Co-Founder, Plant Power Fast Food, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

    About Jeffrey Harris and Plant Power Fast Food:

    Working with a team of inspired people to bring about meaningful and lasting change.

    Changing the world, One burger at a time.
    We recognize that a dietary model based on animal agriculture is in herently flawed: it causes unnecessary suffering for billions of animals is devasting to the Earth’s ecosystem and is the root cause of ill health and disease for an increasingly large portion of our human family. We are committed to being part of the soltion.

    By demonstrating the viability of a delicious plant-based. healthier alternative in the fast-food resturant format, we seek to expose millions of consumers to new crelty free and enviournmentally sustainable choices.

    It doesn’t end with our food. Our tables and booth are made from renewable bambo instead of wood. Our chairs are made recycled waste and reclaimed wood fiber that’d typically be swept into the trash. Most of our takeout packaging is 100% compostable, made from plants, no prtroleum.

    We belive that this is The Future of Fast Food and we hope yopu agree.