New Cars Under $20,000 That are Perfect as a Company Car



Owning a company entails hiring employees and with that, means providing company benefits and perks. If you own your own company, you will also want to consider purchasing a company car as it can be listed under company expenses. There are several factors that go into choosing the right company car, from the need to reflect your brand and professionalism, to simply doing its job for transportation and working within your budget. Here are some suggestions for new cars you can find for under $20,000 that will be perfect for driving for your business.


When you are talking about a company car, one of the things that you want to look for is reliability. Toyota has been known for its reliability over the years, amongst other things that will benefit a company. For A vehicle under the $20,000 price range, the Corolla is a staple of consistency. In addition to being reliable, Toyotas are also solid when it comes to gas consumption and will keep your expenses down when it comes to mileage. Although not quite up to par in terms of class and luxury, Toyota vehicles will be suitable for many businesses that want to provide a company car to get its employees from point A to point B.


Another brand to consider when you are looking for a company car under a certain budget is Volkswagen. Much like Toyota, Volkswagen is known for its consistency and reliability, providing you vehicle options within a certain price range that perform up to your standards. The Jetta would be the comparable model for Toyota’s Corolla in terms of being a staple in the car market. One added benefit of lower-cost vehicles like Volkswagens is that they do not cost a significant amount to insure, and you will be able to save money when it comes to maintenance costs. With the practicality of high value with Volkswagen, there are many reasons to choose this as your company vehicle. Additionally, if you are looking for added luxury, Volkswagen also provides options with their luxury brand in Audi, although you may be climbing up financially out of your budget when looking at what Audi has to offer.


If you are looking to upgrade in terms of vehicle models and exploring luxury brands, you need to put Lincoln cars in the conversation. As a subdivision of the Ford brand, Lincoln is a top performer in the automotive industry and is the main luxury brand of Ford. It has always done well when surveyed with customers when it comes to their satisfaction and comfort. Lincoln cars are touted as safe, with many features that help protect passengers inside. Being a luxury brand, however, does come with some drawbacks. Primarily, the costs for a new vehicle will often exceed the $20,000 range, but the value is ever-present. However, if you are flexible, this Lincoln dealer recommends previously owned cars that are refurbished and inspected to meet certain standards. This allows you to own a luxury brand that is close to new, for a fraction of the cost. Lincoln is an ideal choice for different companies when it comes to providing a classy and luxury experience, as they not only provide smaller vehicles but larger SUVs, catering to a vast array of client and company needs. Although SUVs dominate the Lincoln lineup, the Continental and MKZ are models that will surely turn heads for your company.



Moving back to more affordable cars within the budget range of $20,000 or below, Hyundai provides another great option for those that are looking for inexpensive options. Hyundai cars as of late have become more popular on the road. Their look is sleek for an economical option that provides comfort and performance, checking all the boxes of safety and reliability. There are a wide variety of models to choose from, depending on preference, with the Sonata being one of the most popular and falling within the price range. This makes it an option to consider when choosing a company car that looks professional but is at the same time affordable.

When you are choosing a company car, there are several different factors to consider. You want to ensure that you showcase professionalism and represent your company well on the road, but you also want to ensure that you work within your budgetary restrictions. A company car should reflect your business in a way that is realistic, and as you grow, so too can the benefits of the vehicles you provide yourself or employees.