Office Design Tips That Will Boost Employee Morale and Productivity


In the past, offices were designed to be as bland and neutral as possible. The idea was that a drab office would inspire its occupants to work harder because they’d feel like they weren’t wasting time in their surroundings. The problem is that we now know this isn’t true – people perform better when there’s color and life around them. Since people spend so much of their day at the office, they need to enjoy what they do and want to come back every day!  



Floors are often overlooked, but they can serve as the foundation for an awesome office. If you start with a boring brown linoleum, it will be hard to pull off anything impressive after that! Instead, invest in carpeting or flooring paint like this Yolk Recruitment first floor design – this is one of the cheapest ways to make your office feel like an entirely new place. To increase productivity, the flooring should be easy to clean and should have a pattern that hides dirt.

Customizable Furniture

If you can’t change the physical structure of your office, change where things are instead with customizable furniture. Put conference rooms wherever they’re needed, not just where they fit most easily! You can also work on the color of the walls and decorating to make them feel like they are their rooms rather than just bare spaces on a wall. The office should feel like a home, not just some drab space to work in.

Screens for Privacy

If you want an office that boosts morale and productivity, it’s important to give your employees some privacy when they need it. Screens can be a great way to do this without having the expense of walls or doors – you can customize them however you want and move them around as needed, so you only pay for what you need. Many people have anxiety or are just super private, and we don’t know it. So, screens are a great way to make them feel comfortable and get their work done without feeling like they’re on display all the time.

Retrofitting an Office

If your office is already built, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to retrofit it into an awesome space! You can repaint the walls or even paint them with chalkboard paint if you don’t mind there being a few ghosting issues. You can also get bespoke furniture and work on how everything is laid out to make the space more efficient, not just for employees but for clients or customers who come in as well! If you have pictures of the employees or other decorations, make sure to hang them up instead of leaving them in a box. This will make everyone happy, and they’ll want to work harder because it’s fun!


When you’re designing your office, remember that lighting is not an afterthought! You should be able to adjust lights with a task or ambient options – this will save you money in the long run. When you’re designing your office, take into consideration that white or bright lights can cause eye strain and fatigue after working too long under them! Also, keep in mind natural light and how it can help you keep the lights low for a calmer atmosphere.

Making Room for Plants

If you can’t paint your walls green, try using plants instead to increase the productivity of your team members! Having nature around us has been proven to increase creativity and energy levels – perfect for working hard to get the job done! To get the most out of your plants, make sure they are well-lit but not in direct sunlight. The benefits of plants surpass their looks – they create a positive atmosphere and give the office lightness and life! They also help with air quality, so if you’re worried about your staff having allergies, it’s a non-issue if everyone has some plants.


The happier that employees are, the more productive they’ll be! Make sure to give them lots of time to talk and socialize, as well as providing food or drinks throughout the day to make them feel even more at home. The office should be a place that employees want to come back to every day, not just another space they’re stuck in. Employees who take pride in their work and enjoy where they live and work are productive and happy! When you’re designing your office, try to think about what would make a happy and productive employee. Are there any changes that you can implement in the current office space?