Rivers Corbett, Founder and CEO, ChefTorial, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

    About Rivers Corbett and ChefTorial:

    Our virtual culinary team delivers live & interactive culinary experiences which connect, engage and deepen relations between our clients’ & their stakeholder communities.

    What’s a ChefTorial Culinary Experience?

    It’s a gathering around the creation and enjoyment of great food and drink. We bring up to 50 people into each ChefTorial event. They are live, interactive and tons of fun delivered through the guidance of our professional culinary team.

    As a value add to the ChefTorial experience, each guest is granted VIP access to our ChefTorial Cooking Club forum where we discuss recipes, trends, hot culinary destinations, member questions and of course – cook!

    Our Amazing Team!

    We also have a deep desire to impact each life of our amazing culinary team members. We do this through our Certified by ChefTorial program. (CbC).

    The objective of the CbC is to guide and coach each one of amazing culinary professionals in starting and growing a 6 figure/year personal chef business which allows them to work anywhere, anytime and stop working insane hours and making little money for their efforts.

    We are excited about the impact on them, their family and their legacy.

    Our global team of expert chefs, seasoned sommeliers and master mixologists specialize in delivering virtual, interactive & live events to help corporations, universities and societies bring together their networks via immersive cooking experiences.

    Watch this video from Chef Gillian to learn more about the ChefTorial experience and our rapidly-expanding SupperClubs events. Discover how we bring communities together in a digital world that builds while engaging audiences, building strong relationships, having fun and enjoying delicious recipes from around the world.