Scott Hutchings, President and Founder, Global Coin Solutions, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

    About Scott Hutchings and Global Coin Solutions:

    In a nutshell: I solve problems, one coin at a time.

    Going into a little more detail, GCS:
    – turns mixed currency into funds that helps charities
    – puts people to work as this is a manual process
    – employs people with disabilities, specifically those with the ability to do repetitive tasks
    – helps the environment by recycling currency, ensuring that it goes back into the cash system of its own country
    – helps the domestic cash eco-system by repatriating foreign currency

    We also process foreign currency for: transit, armored car companies, banks/credit unions, or any industry or business that handles large quantities of coin – these funds can either be returned to those organizations or donated (it’s their money, therefore their choice).

    Since our humble beginnings in February of 2015, we have processed over $13 Million of mixed currencies, weighing over 150,000 kgs (330,000lbs)!

    We do all of this without cost to our clients.

    GCS has recently launched digital fundraising using smart phones and QR codes. Anyone, from anywhere, can donate any amount at any time. It is no cost to operate, easy to use, and quick to launch!

    Please feel free to connect with me today to discuss how we can work together.

    Global Coin Solutions processes foreign currency with a focus on fundraising. We are the only company in North America that does this. GCS was created with 2 principles in mind; helping charities and putting people to work.

    We partner with charities and businesses like yours to create programs that succeed. You have the fundraising expertise and we know a thing or two about mixed currency sorting and repatriation. Leftover currency has huge potential that GCS can help you use to your advantage!

    “Global Coin Solutions is the only full service company in North America that focuses on foreign currency fundraising. Combined, our team has over 20 years of experience. During our 6 years in business, we have collected and processed over 150,000 kg in collections worth over $13 Million! If you are looking for a new fundraising opportunity for your charity, you have come to the right place!”

    Scott’s passion to help charities raise funds has driven him to push the envelope with leftover foreign currency fundraising. While this type of collection is natural for airlines and airports, it is something completely new for charities in Canada and the US.

    Scott’s business background includes over a dozen years with IBM / Lenovo, working in virtually every area of the PC business. In addition, he has spent several years in small business management and development.