Wes Keeling, Founder and President, Sector K9 Foundation, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

    About Wes Keeling and Sector K9 Foundation:

    Wes Keeling has a total of 17 years of Law Enforcement and the last 10 years specializing in Criminal Interdiction, Narcotics, and K9 Handler/Trainer.

    Wes has served on many different levels of Law Enforcement including supervision, SWAT, field Training officer, K9 trainer, and K9 handler. Wes has proven over the last several years any dog can be trained for detection work, the dog must possess the proper drives and characteristics. He has trained several detection, apprehension, and/or tracking dogs throughout his training career. Wes has also assisted many agencies with their K9 team, by fixing issues and adding to their existing training.

    Wes organized a group of Police Department’s and their K9 teams to train with each other several years ago. Wes still contributes a full day a week to that group and ensures every K9 team in the group is adequately trained, trains not only to a standard but beyond the standards.

    Wes is the founder of Sector K9 Foundation and serves as the President of the organization.

    Experienced Handler with a demonstrated history of working in the law enforcement industry. Skilled in Hands-on Training, Law Enforcement Instruction, Law Enforcement, Teaching, and Dog Training. Strong education professional graduated from Tarrant County College. 16 year Law Enforcement professional

    Our mission at Sector K9 is to provide accurate and reliable training for Police K9’s, their handlers, and departments at no cost. We service municipal, county, and school district law enforcement agencies across the country and place a significant emphasis on honesty and integrity with our interactions with clients meeting their unique needs.

    We provide unsurpassed and the most progressive training at no cost to agencies providing dual purpose patrol K9’s, narcotics detection, and explosive detection training.

    SectorK9 Foundation is a non profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to protecting communities around the nation. We leverage our 40+ years of law enforcement to make K9 units accessible to departments, communities, and schools around the country. We achieve this by providing our K9s for free, making the only expense training and maintenance classes.