While Most Automakers Saw Big Drops in Q3, Tesla Has Powerful Quarter-Sold 241,300 Units


    Tesla’s vehicle sales for the third quarter were higher than had been forecast.

    Tesla has once again managed to buck the broader trend of decreasing sales as a result of a global chip shortage in Q3 of this year, and it managed to sell 241,300 cars, 102,000 more vehicles than the same quarter in 2020. This is the most Tesla vehicles has ever sold in a quarter. In the whole of 2019, the company only sold 367,500 vehicles, which makes this a massive improvement.

    The company has once again managed to sell more vehicles despite the fact that other major automakers experienced massive drops in the quarter. According to the biggest automaker in the US, General Motors, it had only sold 446,997 vehicles in Q3. This is a drop of 33% from the same period in 2020.

    Tesla has managed to avoid similar problems partly because it has been rewriting software on the fly to make different semiconductors they have been sourcing work in place of the ones that are not available currently. In addition to that, the company is also continuing to experience strong sales in China, where it has begun to manufacture and sell vehicles early last year. The Model Y SUV has also started becoming a very popular choice in the U.S., and Tesla has also started selling those in Europe.

    As Tesla has built a massive part of its factory in Austin, Texas, more production is on track to come online in the next few months. Tesla is also getting through some of the last approvals before it can start operating the new plant close to Berlin, Germany. This is despite delaying some products, such as the second-generation Roadster and the Cybertruck.