2nd Annual Black Women Travel Jubilee – The First Travel Conference for Black Women Travelers

Black Women Travel
Black Women Travel

Worldwide: The International Black Women Travel Jubilee is happening on December 4th and 5th. It’s a virtual travel conference for Black women travelers who want to experience community as they attend workshops focusing on travel, wellness, and creating an online income. 

Also happening during the conference will be creator and brand one-on-one meetings where content creators will meet with Travel + Leisure and Fodor’s Travel to discuss collaborating.

Attendees also have the option to participate in the Black Women Travel Mastermind, involving group coaching and accountability to help them implement and integrate everything learned during the conference. 

For Black women, this is an important event as the Black travel movement continues to gain steam and many are seeking out ways to travel more. There were no spaces celebrating and focusing specifically on Black women before the founder/creator, Wanda Duncan created the Facebook group Black Women Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs and the Black Women Travel Podcast.  

For many Black women, travel is crucial to well-being.

Black women are used to sacrificing for others, used to not resting, used to being the strong friend, and used to experiencing emotional unavailability from ourselves, family, friends, and romantic partners. We’re typically not able to be ourselves in the workplace.  Even something as simple as how we choose to wear our hair can become a controversy we must endure. We can’t go to the hospital with a simple illness, let alone be pregnant and experience the appropriate care. We’re used to non-Black people profiting from our culture while we leave money on the table when it comes to charging for our worth.

Communities and events like IBWTJ help Black women to embrace wholeness in every area of their life and move from surviving to thriving. 

  • Black travelers spent $109B in travel in 2019
  • Women travelers are expected to spend $125B on travel in 2021
  • Micro-influencer campaigns have more engagement than influencers with bigger followings

About Black Women Travl: Wanda Duncan is the founder of Black Women Travl. She’s the Community Manager of Black Women Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs, Podcaster of the weekly show Black Women Travel Podcast, and Event Producer of the International Black Women Travel Jubilee.

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Black Women Travel