6 Ways To Improve Your Employee Recruitment Process


Finding employees that fit your brand’s criteria and goals can be one of the hardest undertakings as a business owner or manager that can leave you frustrated and confused. While it may seem like a simple undertaking, it is important to remember that your employees are a reflection of your company, and you will only be as strong as the employees you hire. If you are struggling to find dependable employees and completing multiple interviews with no luck in your search, there are some simple tips you can follow to make the process easier.

When you begin your end recruitment drive, consider these options to make the experience fun, and find yourself new employees who are a great fit for your company.

1. Improve Your Job Posts

Ensuring that you are very clear in your job posts is incredibly important. If your job posts are vague, or you require certain considerations that are not posted and detailed, you may find less than adequate applicants applying to the job. Make your job-seeking posts as detailed as possible, ensure that prospective employees know their expectations, and make sure that you put in as much information about your company values and expectations as possible. This will go a long way in ensuring your applicants are appropriate for the position.


2. Use Trusted Applications and Websites

When you are looking for platforms to post your job listings, make sure that they are professional websites that have processes in place for providing your job descriptions and are well known. If you are publishing your job listings on forums that professional and experienced workers don’t often visit, then you will not be getting high-quality applicants for your necessary positions. 

3. Clear and Effective Interviews

Just because you have received their application doesn’t mean that you need to hire them. Carefully review the resumes of applicants before contacting them. If the resume is not presented in a way that will benefit your company, then there is no need to interview. One way to streamline your process is to have the first interview on the phone. If you see resumes that are borderline, conduct a phone interview. If that step seems hopeful, you can then move on to a round of in-person interviews. You can even implement progressive pre-employment tests to filter candidates. This will allow you to save time and resources throughout the hiring process.

4. Using Outside Recruitment and Applicant Tracking Services

There are many options available to you for recruitment help if you feel your time is better spent focusing on other areas of your business. From full-service recruitment services to convenient applications that allow you to contact and track applicants, you don’t have to go through this process alone. As explained by the team at Teamsense, utilizing these applications will make it easier to connect with prospective employees, you can match applicants with jobs via text messages, or you can have a full-fledged recruiter handle the process from start to finish. Depending upon the scope of your search, your availability, and the positions you are looking to fill, you can decide what works for your company that will give you the most success.

5. Promote From Within

If you are looking to fill positions for experienced and trustworthy workers, a great option is to promote from within. If you are looking for a management position or supervisor position, you can always take a look at your most productive employees, who can fill the roles rather than hiring from the outside. This is a great way to ensure that your supervisory staff already has a good idea of your company goals and values. Rewarding hard-working and loyal employees is also a way to ensure your employees stay happy and productive. Take a look at the positions you have to fill, and before hiring from the outside, see if your current vetted and loyal workers would be a good match.

6. Referrals are Important

There are many ways you can use referrals to your benefit. You can launch an employee referral program, where you have your current employees help you in the search for new workers. Offer your employees a bonus if the party they refer to remains at your company for 3 months, is a good worker, and meets all your conditions. Your workers are part of a greater social network, and they will be able to get the word out about the available positions as well as the other methods listed above.


The recruiting process does not have to be challenging, and you can streamline your process in many ways to attract high-quality employees.