Allen and Subriana Pierce, Managing Partners, Navigator Sales & Marketing, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

    About Allen and Subriana Pierce and Navigator Sales & Marketing:

    Sales, Merchandising and Marketing leader who is highly regarded for the ability to think strategically and act tactically. A versatile leader who drives for results and sustainable growth in challenging markets. Skilled in competitive analysis, shopper insight and industry benchmarking. Passionate about people…Identifying, coaching and developing high impact teams to achieve business results.

    Navigator Sales and Marketing specializes in niche and emerging brands and brand opportunities. We offer solutions and strategies in the areas of driving sales growth!

    We maximize access to our customer base by getting our clients in the door, helping brands and retailers find new and innovative ways to convert consumers into shoppers. This approach drives results for our clients that they can measure. When you partner with Navigator Sales and Marketing you get:

    Competitive Focus that puts the client at the top of the list, not the bottom
    Category Insights that give your brand the edge
    Delivery of growth centered solutions
    Winning mindset

    Navigator Sales and Marketing is a boutique food and beverage broker that represents specialty, ethnic, organic, niche and emerging brands. We move your unique grocery, health and beauty products to market by developing a customized sales plan and leveraging our relationships with retailers nationwide. Our goal is to ensure you have a seat at the negotiating table and your product claims a space on the shelf.

    Our relationships with retailers pave the way for a smooth and efficient process. With our clients, we build trusted and tenured relationships. Our experienced sales team leaders become your trusted partners. This ensures immediate and direct communication between you and our retailers. Whatever journey you’re on, we’re on it with you.