Anthony Pacheco, President, P13:11 Partnerships, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

    About Anthony Pacheco and P13:11 Partnerships:

    Anthony Pacheco has been Converting Liabilities into Assets so that his Partners can Continually Produce more Profitable Revenue since 2009.

    By bringing his decade of expertise of hospitality from the private country club industry, Anthony has distinguished himself to take care of others and promote them to be the best representation of what they can be. In turn, he has grown his diverse knowledge in the business community learning more about each industry as his portfolio of clients evolved. Anthony delivers these trade secrets to all businesses around the US.

    One of the largest areas of expertise revolves around Healthcare and its ability to reverse the hard work of supply chain management.

    The utilization of Financial arbitrage has been so under used in healthcare because the cloak that has been in place by the big five have kept most Americans in the dark.

    Most companies don’t realize the amount they overpay. They believe what they have is the best they can get.

    Hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars saved on companies largest liabilities translate into bottom line profit and increased net worth for shareholders and their employees.

    * Performance Based Consulting
    * Broker Performance Analysis
    * Financial Hedging Strategies
    * Risk Shift/Avoidance/ Elimination Analysis
    * Eliminating Self Funded Healthcare Claims
    * Developing Tailored Networks to Each Client
    * Title VII and Related Workplace Harassment and Discrimination (Free Service for All Clients)
    * Creating, Building and Enhancing Labs for Physicians and Facilities
    * Reducing B2B Interchange Ratings for Payments
    * Creating Philanthropic Partnerships

    We believe in finding the solutions to the problems you want to fix. All companies leak profits, the question becomes, do you need or want to fix it?

    Our job is to find the problems, give solutions and then guide implementation upon selected areas that cause the least disruption.

    P1311 desires for Partnerships. Each new opportunity is looked at long term with while focusing on People 1st, Partnerships 2nd and Profit 3rd. We believe if you get the 1st two correct, the results always follow.