Financial Tips: Why You Need Funeral Home Insurance To Protect Your Business

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The world of business is highly complex and varied, and it’s essential to cover every aspect in order to flourish. Whether it’s Michigan laws for startups or getting your tax sorted, it can be more than a full-time job learning everything. Business insurance coverage is another area that every manager needs to fully research.

It may be that you are responsible for a funeral home and are wondering what sort of cover you need to take out. If that’s the case, read on because this article will discuss the options and explain why they are so important for your business.

General Liability Insurance

This does a great job of covering most liability claims. In addition to protecting your assets from financial loss by way of lawsuits, there are many other reasons why funeral home insurance should be an important part of your overall risk management plan. One type of claim where Funeral Home Insurance comes into play quite frequently is where there is intentional damage to property after the services at the cemetery have ended. This can involve vandalism and theft, which can be emotionally upsetting for all concerned.

Fortunately, there are many specialist insurance companies that have a presence on the internet. You can choose specific coverages based on your funeral home’s specialties, location and clientele. If you choose an independent insurance agency they can shop multiple carriers to get you great coverage at an affordable price.

Commercial Property Insurance

This protects what your company owns, such as buildings, equipment, furniture and fixtures. It also covers what you owe to others (for example: money borrowed from banks or other lenders). Commercial property insurance can be bought by any size business selling products or services for profit.

It protects against damage caused by fire, storm or lightning strikes. Many policies cover additional perils like explosions and riots, too. If your business needs to rebuild after a covered loss (for example: if it burns down), the coverage can reimburse you for that expense up to the preset limits in your policy. This can help ensure that all your equipment has been replaced with new parts and pieces.

Mortician’s Professional Liability Insurance

It could be that a lawsuit is taken out against your funeral home for damages and/or injuries. Without this type of insurance, you could lose everything in a heartbeat if someone files a claim on you. Besides the financial implications, your reputation could be damaged, which could impair your business’s success forever.

Let’s say an employee accidentally breaks a client’s personal article while helping them get ready for the service. This policy would help pay out any fees or fines associated with that incident. It also covers legal defense costs which means that if they do file a suit against you, your attorney fees would be paid in full.

Business Owners Insurance

This is a package insurance policy that covers all business operations. The policy will provide coverage for your funeral home and what you do to run the day-to-day operations. It also includes protection against damage caused by fire, theft or vandalism. There are many different types of perils covered under this type of plan, including property damage liability (if someone gets injured on your premises), data breach expenses (if hackers steal client information), payment protection (in case clients can’t pay their bills due to death/illness/disability) and any legal fees incurred through lawsuits against your business.

There are certain things that will NOT be covered under a BOP or BOI policy. They include property taxes (if your residence is part of your funeral home), equipment breakdowns, personal liability/medical expenses caused by employees and any damage done intentionally by anyone working for you inside the building (employee or client). The costs of the policy will also vary depending on what perils you’re looking to cover, how much coverage is desired and what deductible you choose (if any).

Commercial Auto Insurance

This is a type of insurance that covers the business and its employees when they use their own vehicle or an employer-provided vehicle for work-related travel. Commercial Auto Insurance is often used in business settings where the employer needs to cover vehicle rentals or replacement for damaged or stolen vehicles. It features higher premiums because larger commercial cars tend to get into more accidents than typical passenger cars.

Indemnification of commercial auto policies can take many forms:

– Actual cash value – what it would cost to replace your vehicle with a similar model (excluding costs such as taxes, finance charges and physical depreciation on the replacement car).

– Replacement cost coverage means what it takes to buy/ build new property without deducting anything else like you would selling your old vehicle. This type of coverage is what most people go for because it ensures that the car replacement will be new, not used.

– Actual cash value less depreciation which means what it costs to buy or replace your destroyed property with something similar (minus expenses such as taxes, finance charges and physical depreciation on the replacement car).

-The actual cash value plus any deductible.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

This helps cover the expenses incurred when an employee gets injured whilst working. While there are many types of coverage with different options, each policy will include benefits that provide payment for medical care and lost wages if the worker is unable to work because they were hurt on the job. These payments typically last until your employees can return to full duties or recover completely from their injuries.

As you can see there is a full portfolio of insurance available to you. It can protect you from lawsuits and a damaged reputation. You can cover your premises and all it contains, and also your fleet of funeral cars. Finally, you can have a contingency for any employee who gets injured at work. Rather than being unnecessary coverage, this type of insurance can give you full protection and peace of mind. In turn you can focus on your business and the vital role that it provides.